Monday, December 18, 2006

Its the season...

Many of you are wondering by now what I'm up to these days as I'm not rambling anything new these past few weeks (of may be months?). I think its the season of being busy to get things going before the end of the year and perhaps to begin a new year with a new project, etc?

Since we're about a weekend away from Christmas (YIKES! Its THIS weekend!), I've been browsing the shops with hubs for the past few weekends. Its forever lots of people busy with their Christmas shopping lists, some as along as an A4 sheet of paper (both sides). I can't help but wonder, do they really need to buy gifts to EVERYONE on the lists? May be they have a big family and loads of really close friends?

Any way, there's this particular day as I was rushing off to get to the post office when I saw something that really puts me off. A child was making a scene on one of the toy shops in a department store. The mother was at wits end in trying to clam her child and explaining at the same time why she won't buy a particular toy for Christmas. But the kid won in the end. What amazes me is that kids these days seems to "demand" something particular just because every kid in town/class got them during Christmas or birthdays. I mean come on! Even though at such a young age of consumerism, I still feel that parents have the right to say NO to their demands, right? Why do they give in? It is because when as kids, adults did not get what they wanted so in turn they promised to give EVERYTHING to their kids? But I thought parents knows what's best?....
There's once when I was working, a teenager actually snubbed at a gift (apparently a box of high ended chocolate) from his grandmother given to him on his birthday! And get this, the teenagers' parents didn't even said a word! Now that was not nice at all and in fact how very strange.... Whatever happened to respecting your elders, receiving gifts (no matter how trivial it is) with gratitude and "its the thoughts that counts"?
May be its the age of commercialisation of festivities. There's no secret that companies now make huge profits from consumers come every holiday (or non holiday) season. Shops and major shopping centres will all be light and or gear up for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Valentine Day, Easter, Mother's day, Father's day etc minimum a month or two ahead of the actual dates of such festivities. I bet right after Christmas this weekend, Chinese New Year songs, red deco and other goodies will be all line in and light up every where. And then we consumers will be once again busy lining up the shops not gifts but to buy Mandarin oranges, soft drinks, biscuits, new clothing etc.
Man.... We are forever buying and having headaches of what to buy! Why of course, its just the season to spend and spend, even if we don't have the years end bonus (those who have them, LUCKY YOU!). For this, I have only one wish for everyone: I wish that people will spend within their means to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season. No matter how much big or small your salary is, its always the thought that REALLY counts when buying gifts for people you love. When receiving, please receive them with gratitude for it might be the last gift that person is going to give you.