Sunday, June 03, 2012

Strawberry cupcakes

Fresh from the oven! :) 
These are so yummy!! And not to mention spot on the season too! Remember when I bought kilos of strawberries before? I should have made them into cake but then again we LOVE strawberry popsicles as well... I mean what better way to cool off on after school in a very HOT afternoon? 

As we were having BBQ (one of the first for the season. YAY!) by the lakeside with friends on Friday, and I was sort of got in charged of thanks to hubs (evil stare at him) I figured that this would be a time to try something new rather than have good old strawberry tart every time.... 

The not so pink insides... 
My batter turns out pink (YAY!) but once its baked the insides wasn't as pink! :(( But that's what you get when you're using all natural ingredients. This recipe is using all natural strawberries and no colourings! Kinda cool as its THE season for it. They tastes HEAVENLY!!! My kitchen even smells good with the lingering strawberry smell from the oven.... YUMMMMM.... 

But the next time I'm baking this again, I'd cut down on the sugars as I find it a bit too sweet and I'd up the puree by 1 cup instead of using just 3/4 cup for the extra moist. This time it turned out not bad but a bit dry  when we put then overnight. I would make this again but I'd try using other berries! :)) 

Here's the recipe: Fresh Strawberry Cake (cupcake)  

PS: I did the baking after dinner time so that explains the BAD pictures here. On the plus side, no kids to distract me and my kitchen still smells nice in the morning! BTW, I did not and can not for the LIFE of me ice my bake goods! Something to do with handling sticky sweet wet stuff that my brains  (and hands) didn't get! LOL!