Thursday, September 27, 2007

This is AMAZIN'!

Take a look at this kid! i think one too many "dance machine" games no? hehehehe... He is just amazing this kid! I wonder if my kid could actually move like that in 3 years time? hmmmm... Just a thought...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things just for fun

I belong in Rome guys!
You Belong in Rome

You're a big city soul with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian people - could life get any better?

And guess what? I have a RED BRAIN! hehehehe...

Your Brain is Red

Of all the brain types, yours is the most impulsive.
If you think it, you do it. And you can get the bug to pursue almost any passion.
Your thoughts are big and bold. Your mind has no inhibitions.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about love, your dreams, and distant places.

Oh Look! Its D-A-R-K.....

After having a not that bright and down right plain blog, I've decided to change it. I've actually been meaning to change it ever since forever..... I really think its good to change.

May be I've been meaning to change some aspects of my life but I haven't figure what else to change yet.... I think I'm just happy with the way some things are but definitely NOT my wardrobe. As I am in the process of getting down my winter clothing's, I notice that most are NOT in my SIZE!?! How could this be? Oh! I remembered. I had a baby. NOW THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! Mental note: clothing shopping this sale season AND try not to max out my credit card this time....

Hubs can say whatever he wants about it, but I'm going to remind him that he owns more clothing items than I do. What man owns more than 4 winter jackets? Although he could ask me: why do I own more shoes than I wear them? Well I guess I'll have to tell him these: I LOVE shoes and I need them! That's the only item that fits me when I'm feeling FAT or THIN..... Let's face it, women need shoes for all occasions, something like lipstick/gloss! You don't wear a bright RED lipstick to the beach don't you? And besides, when or where would I be wearing my lovely boots? Not back home in M'sia I won't. So there. Its good for a change isn't it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cake anyone?

A walk with papa....

How time flies! It just seems like yesterday when he was born and it was just YESTERDAY Owen turns into a three month old....

To celebrate this "occasion", hubs asked me to make something special. So I decided to bake some cup cakes! The original recipe was suppose to make 1 round cake but one could actually scoop them into paper cups and may be alter them a little right? Instead of the cake being plain chocolate, I've added orange rind and some chocolate chips to it. And also I find that adding fizzy water and or beating egg whites till stiff peak really adds to the moist of any cake!

The frosting tha "flops" downwards!

This looks better no?

Its also the 1st time I've done cakes with frosting. Usually I don't frost my cakes coz frosting are sooo.... messy to handle! But since its for Owen (or rather his dad) and we have a dishwasher (YAY!), why not? The frosting turns out quite good and very sweet (as with all frosting). Now I've never made frosting before and this recipe I got off the Internet requires that the chocolate be melted with butter and milk. At first I thought that is looked a little too liquid but then after cooling it off a little in the FRIDGE, it looked better. That's AFTER I scoop a table spoon of them into the pipping bag and onto 3 of the cakes!!! I was like; Dude, what the hell are you doing man? Mental note here; next time, wait till frosting is a little bit cooler to pour them into the pipping bag and start pipping!
My chicken in "action"....

Potatos and carrots gratin

The weekend sees me baking as well; baked chicken with potatoes and carrots seasoned with rosemary AND a dish called potato and carrots gratin (or any vegetable with white sauce and cheese). Why baking? Well it seems that with baking I could actually cook everything one time go! I think its also the fact that the oven is "strategically" placed on my height level (thus no need to bend), and not to mention that we have 2 oven, a small on top of the big one. I'm really happy with our new apartment.... I do hope we're staying longer here. Moving is a NIGHTMARE when you have too much stuff and kids along!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweet things...

Having fun with mummy....

Its nearly the end of summer here. It doesn't really feels like its summer anyways, with the frequent rain and cloudy weather. But we need to appreciate what we've got and while it lasted... So we were basically having all our lunch and dinners on our balcony when its not raining or windy.

Opps... Papa you want to join in too?

Speaking of which, Owen is getting cuter by the day! hehehehe.... Its really amazing to see babies grow and passing each mile stone with such joy and laughter! He didn't really want smile and laugh for the first two months or so... But then lo and behold, he started to laugh/smile to us rather than in his sleep! My heart really melt away whenever I see him smile/laugh. He has such a cheeky laugh at that.... I do hope that he'll be able to keep his smile/laughter like this when he's grown.... *sigh And he is such a "talker" now. The house doesn't seem all quiet and boring now..... Except when he's sleeping that is.

Home made Tiramisu. Looks good no?

Its been awhile since I've made Tiramisu for hubs. So last weekend I made some; a small and a big tray. The small tray goes to hubs (ALONE!?!) while the big one went to our apartment block BBQ party potluck. I actually wanted to make Thai papaya salad, but seeing that its all old ang mohs in our building, I'd rather not. Don't want to have the ambulance ferry them to the hospital for the burns on their tongue! The potluck was a good one, where we get to meet basically all family members living here. And there was the food.... Sayang never bring my camera there! BUT there's another potluck coming this X'mas, where the menu would be cheese fondue (I LOVE FONDUE: cheese AND chocolate!) and or raclette (pronouced as ra-ke-let): ham and or steamed potatoes topped off with melted cheese.... YUUMMMMYYYY!! I PROMISE THERE WOULD BE PICTURES THIS TIME!

My nasi lemak... too bad no sambal petai!

Its also been awhile since I had nasi lemak. I remembered the 1st time I made nasi lemak. It was rather uncook.... But this time it taste not bad (according to hubs). Would love to make sambal udang petai but instead made curry chicken to go with the rice. Hubs really detest petai and the ikan bilis. Never mind-lor... more ikan bilis for me! hehehehehe....