Saturday, April 20, 2013

NNC 6th Anniversary and book marks exchange

I have kept this rather nice and tight until now. :) Just today my stitching group Needles n'Craft had our 6th anniversary meet up at Sabariah's home - whom has been so generous to offer her place to host this event for the 2nd time. 

The NNC Fabric House Challenge "neighbourhood".
Just look at all the pretty houses! 
For this year, Margaret (our resident headmistress) has come up with a challenge for those who participated in the Anniversary Gift Exchange - Fabric House Challenge! :) Each participant has to "built" a house using nothing but fabric and as for decorations, well I guess it is anything goes. For this year, as with previous years, members would complain and complain, stress each other out but finally when D-day comes, each item made would be as cute and as pretty as the next one! hahahaha... That's how we roll! ;) 
My wonky house.
PS: Silly me I have FORGOTTEN to take photos of it . So this is from the group's photo file... :p

For my house, I saw something I like from Molly Chicken and I scaled it up a little bit bigger. Got to use this new (to me it is new) batting call Soft & Stable by Annie, to test it out as I've read so many good reviews from bag makers and quilters alike. I quite like the texture and it is pretty sturdy looking judging from when I made seat backing on this very pretty pincushion bellow. 
Pattern from Heirlooms by Ashton House
By the way, this pincushion is made for NNC anniversary gift exchange. Isn't it pretty? I will make some more of this but perhaps in another shape. Making this pincushion was a PAIN!! LOL! I guess by having a slightly different size container makes all measurements funky looking and I don't let me begin telling you how messy it was for me using spray fabric glue!! LOL!! Anything to do with iron-on or plain normal fabric glue is the way to go for me now onwards.... 

Now back to the house. It was a bit plain looking at first with the normal features like doors and windows. So I decided that a house should have some flowers and greenery for it to look homey. But in the end I'd have to admit that judging from all the houses during NNC's get together, mine was wonky looking by the time it reached Malaysia with the parcel being squashed and torn beyond recognition!! Sigh... I guess I'd have to make up for this to the person who receive from me the next time I go back.

The next time I make anything to be sent via mail back home, I'll make sure it is just FLAT, light and can be put together easily. AND I'll pay extra for one of the Swiss Post mailing boxes at the post office. It is BRIGHT YELLOW in colour and very, VERY sturdy. 

OK, now the book marks. I made these for Margaret. Both are done in cross stitch, with HAPPINESS in Aida and CUPCAKE on even weave. 

The HAPPINESS pattern I got from The Making Spot . I love this site!! Free charts and even if it is paid, it is still very affordable. This bookmark is actually magnetised  Saw this method on line, found it rather interesting and thought of giving it a go. I just hope that it works like it supposed to work. 

As for the CUPCAKE, it is from Péché de Gourmandise à Broder  book I picked up from Aiguille en Fête expo in Paris a few years ago. This is the first time I'm using it and I finish it using my logic way instead of following the instructions on the book. 

Most French cross stitch pattern books are not well known to have very good margin of error for finishing. Found that out the hard way. Was nearly in tears when it was 80% finished and I just can't seem to finish the darn thing like it should be. Had to clam myself down and redo the WHOLE thing again the next day. Fun times.... :p   

Can't wait for the next year's bookmark/anniversary gift exchange and also for the next anniversary challenge! :D