Monday, December 12, 2011

Things that I've been up to

Our 1st X'mas market table on Friday evening: right side
As some of you would have know, I've been rather busy these few weeks, wait make that this 2 months, preparing for Blonay Christmas market, which was yesterday. Since that this is my first time ever doing a Christmas market, I would have to be on top things since it will be one of those event that will open doors for my small side business. :)

Our 1st X'mas market table on Friday evening: left side
Now that it's over and done, I'm just reflecting on how I managed to just do my thing with the two boys frequently hanging on my legs these couple of months since mummy didn't really have time.... Believe me, there are days when I really feel that I should spent my time with my boys and just put my thing a side. And there are days when I really want to just sit down and do my thing but I don't have the motivation to do it. Days of when motivation came but the boys won't leave me in peace especially when its bed time! Oh well! I guess that I would have to just go with the flow.

The lovely Carmen on Saturday afternoon.
We had to fill in the "gaps" with some my other items.
Notice the mini pink tree is gone?

Speaking about going with the flow, I received a custom order for some party favours from a colleague of hubs. They wanted princess crowns for the birthday of their 5 year old after I showed them what I've made for Halloween (Wonder Women tiara & cuffs) when they were at our place for Chinese hot pot lunch party. So I said OK why not and also suggested that my partner make some knight items since they will also be celebrating their youngest boy's birthday on the same day - double celebration thing. I was really over the moon with this order! :D

Custom order for a little princess! ;)
Makes me want to have a girl but I know THAT would be
impossible given our "track record" of boys on hubs side of the family....  
Being over the moon is one thing but also I was stressed out as I don't know what she might expect me to come up with. So I made some enquiries about what's her budget, colour and material and came up with some ideas. I was glad that she liked it and I immediately made at least 6 of it as she confirmed the amount right after the green light about the design etc. I really wanted to get that done and at the same time make more X'masy stuff for the market.

Cute trees! Which I didn't have any intention of selling at 1st.
Sold off the pink and green one by the end of the market day....
A day before the party she wanted an extra crown, which I was happy to do it for her, just that I would have to do a late night job. The day before the party was the evening when I have to set up our table at the X'mas market, be there til closing time (10pm), take the train down to pick up my sleepy boys who was at my partners place, go home, tuck them into bed and then sit down do that damn crown..... I was so so tired after that that I fell asleep within seconds!

The strangest thing is that even though I did not get my sleep quota filled on Friday night, the next day I felt fine. I think it must be the stress of thinking the worst of the worst that could happen on my 1st X'mas market: that my items aren't up to standard and won't sell. But at the end of the day, I was just silly to think like that after a good sale day. :)

Was really feeling the after effects of stress and lack of sleep after reaching home. Thank goodness I've warned hubs that I won't be cooking dinner and we had a pizza take out, much to the delight of the boys!! Yes, little Kevin at 17 months eat pizza as well to but I gave him only the vegetarian ones... hehehehe... He knows that we don't do take out of any types of food (Italian, Chinese, etc) often, make that only on rare occasions. He was wolfing down the pizza like there's no tomorrow! LOL!

Sunday is the lazy day for me in weeks! I just made fried chicken (was thinking and craving for KFC!), salad, and some pasta for lunch. Which BTW, we can not finish and ended up being dinner for me and the two little boys. Hubs just wants oats with milk, honey and banana for dinner...

Mental note to self; after this pizza & fried chicken treat, I would have to make detox meal aka more veg, non-processed meat and fruits for the whole family.....