Monday, October 08, 2007

The winds of change

The sunshine of our life!

As I'm doing the dishes, I listened to Owen cooing and playing with his papa. There's a certain mixture of feelings that some what crept up on me then. It surprised me as well coz I'd never thought that I'll feel this way. A great feeling of perfect contentment, of feeling that I've achieved one thing out of many that I'm really proud off and happy to sacrifice for: of my time, of my precious sleep etc.

I still remember when a friend of my mine asked me this question; "So are you going to be just happy being stuck as a full time home maker? Why do you want to even study so much and in the end become like your mother? Don't you want to earn back what you have given so much time into?"At first I was stunned as to why is she questioning my choice of how I want to lead my life and what right has she got to asks me these question when she is no better than I? Well at least to my eyes....

My lavender is still blooming and its already Autumn!!

Well, Daphne let me answer your questions. I am my mother's daughter. There's no question about it. My mother worked hard all her life to give us a life that she herself could never have when she was my age. I in turn got to enjoy the fruit of her labour. I in turn intend to give a better life for my kids that I could never have in this life time. The cycle never ends!

Home makers this time and age is no longer uneducated women/men. People choose to do this for numerous reasons. Some do it for as long as they live and some for a certain time/years. While most are doing two jobs ("official" work and home maker) at once by themselves, some have the luxury of hired help, most are DIYs and a few lucky ones with free (kids/other half)help! The point is, once you are married and have your own place with kids on top of that, you'll have to be a home maker like it or not. Its your OWN family, you have the responsibility to take care of each and every member of that family of yours.

And so is my Greek basils...

Yes I may not be ENTIRELY happy with the choice I made but still would I give it all up just for a big office with a nice view (and BIG salary) and come back to an empty home? May be not. One can not have everything they want. Its my choice, I know that I have to live with it and am satisfied with how things are going so far. One should appreciate the things: both tangible and intangible, and the people they have around them. Who knows these could all be taken away or gone the following day? How about you friends? Are you happy with the things you've got?