Sunday, December 05, 2010

Macadamia and mango cheese cake

Cheese cake and snowy out doors; nice combi!
This is my 1st time making cheese cake. I've always want to make but decide against it since there's just 2 of us at home. One of my close friend, Regina came to our place last week for a visit. She's a dear Filipino friend who just finish her internship at Euro Disney. And she brought with her, Eric, the boy friend, and Yanina, the younger sister.

The crack... :(
So made the cake a day earlier since it needs it "resting time" in the fridge to taste better. I 1st made the crust but some how it seems that I did not push it enough into the pan that it came out at the sides. the cheese filling was easy enough to make. 
The "cover up"

Now here comes the delicate part; the baking. Apparently I baked it for too long -15 more minutes instead of just 30. So it decided to "punish" me by cracking in the middle while I left it to cool off in the oven!! LOL! And I did put a bowl of water underneath in case you're wondering. Apparently to prevent cracks. But it didn't prevent this crack on mine.... Its HUGE if you wanna know. So what did I do? 

The next day, I "cover it up" by topping it off with jelly pureed mango and some chopped macadamia nuts! LOL! It made up with me the taste if not in looks in the end.

So lessons learnt: do try to stick to regulated times and to REALLY tighten up on the crust in the pan. Will be making a more improved cheese cake next time. And this time I'd wanna make a smaller one, just so...