Sunday, September 26, 2010

Date Night

No, we're NOT having date nights and I don't forsee dates nights for the next 3 years and counting. LOL!

But it is a movie entitled Date Night starring Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg (OMG! He IS THE MAN HERE!!) etc. I absolutely enjoyed it. Not just because there's Mark Wahlberg (well, he may and may not be part of the reason). But because of the title itself.

Now tell me how many average middle class new parents with babies ages ranging from 0 months to 6 ave date nights? When I mean middle class (with a single income earner) parents, I mean those WITHOUT domestic helper or in-laws at the standby mode to baby sit. I wish we could afford having a baby sitter on regular basis. BTW, they are super expensive now, so families with girls; please train them to baby sit to earn extra pocket money!!

Anyways back to the movie. Its a a story about the average working couple with 2 boys that makes the effort to go out on their weekly date nights out. Even though they have demanding jobs that drains energy off them by the end of the day, they still go out. But then again some how they realised that the way that they are doing it and the way their relationship is going, seems more like a job to do rather than a pleasure. So one date night, hubby decides to make a change. It is hilarious how this date night is so different that the rest of their dates! I'd bet the next date would be even better!

I still wish we'd get a chance for date nights though. Even movie nights are far fetched these days.... Sigh...

A week that was

Has been a week and one day since mum left for home. I could still manage the house, the kids and the husband.... sans bloodshed for the moment! HAHAHAHAHA.....

There are however, times when I truly and honestly wanted to strangle that husband of mine for: letting the older one act as if his mischiefs are nonpunishable, for letting the little one cry non-stop while I cook (I can and will forget to add or add too much salt/sugar whatever if this happens) and for act thing as if he's SOOOO.... TIRED from his job as an IT support. Which by the way typically is a sit down job with only either one index finger for clicking, perhaps the full 10 fingers for replying e-mails, the ear & mouth for listening/answering phone calls, the eyes for looking at the screen and the brain to process information.

Being a full time homemaker for the moment is NOT recognisable as a job as being say a lawyer, nurse, doctors, cooks, food & drinks server or even the garbage man. What is making me even angrier is that the person who brings in the bacon/dough/money thinks that he/she can get away with throwing temper tantrums by saying "well, I'm bringing in the income there for what I says goes!" GRRR.....

Well HELLO THERE, we slave around at home without any pay and most of the time we don't even get the right complaint about our job! And there ladies and gentlemen is modern day slavery....

I'd have to admit it, it has been tough running the house on daily basis like running the Star Ship Enterprise. Albeit the budget cuts for my personal hobbies, I truly hope I could still see some light at the end of the tunnel for me time! That's is why I stand on firm believe that babies and kids should be in bed by 9pm no matter what husband and the in-laws have to say. Just because its school holiday doesn't mean that MY job is done or on a holiday well as does it? My job is only done when they are sleeping.

OH WELL! All this typing makes me hungry. Now how about a nice cup (make that 2 cups) of hot chocolate. Mind you not one of those ready to mix chocolate powder with hot milk. Its the ones where you-melt-your-dark-chocolates-by-cooking-them-in-milk types. YUM!