Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finished! AT LAST!!

Close up of the case...
This pic is SUPPOSED TO TURN!!! @%&? blogger!!!!

Here's my latest finish! Its mum's birthday gift; a glasses case. Paul gave me an idea of what to make for my mum. And its FINALLY finished! Yes, I know, I know! I'm such a slow stitcher that I've got to make this first in time to make it for her birthday in November! LOL! Imagine if I were to make Christmas tree ornaments! I'll have to start in summer or even spring just so that it'll be ready for Christmas! LOL!

So why is it that I'm such a slow stitcher? Well for one, I'm a L-A-Z-Y ass! LOL! Then, there are times I do wander off doing something else that some how manage to catch my interest; like reading OR worst still starting on yet another project. May be while stitching a piece, I got bored half way. Especially if its a big piece and have repeated patterns. I think I should stitch smalls or even medium sized pieces so that it'll at least make me concentrate on finishing it!

The case with satin cords.

Oh BTW, its my first time stitching on black linen. I would not say that I "love" it, in fact thank GOD I have pretty good eye sight now (with glasses of course!), its was pretty challenging to "stab" the needle on the fabric the correctly! And I did this with the help of my clear dinning table. Had to hold the fabric slightly up so that light go through and that I could see the grains....

Mum was complaining about how she can never find her glasses where it should be. Trust me, even if its right in front of her or on her head, she just can find it! So I made an attached cord with it, so that she'll be able to wear it around the neck at all times! Made it black coz I think clear colours are pretty easy to get dirty or stained.

So now, next on my plate is to finish up my other half done pieces! Otherwise hubs would not let me get new stash - one of the worst case scenarios he could think of now..... :( And here I'm saving up for Feb 2010 craft show in Paris....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rude people

I really like this video by YouTuber, Englishteaboy. Watch the whole vid to get what I mean, by clicking on the title. What he said is quite true, people are just rude these days. Especially in the city.

I mean, won't it be nice to live in a place where people are just nice to each other? Won't it be nice if that sales person at least smile or say hello to their customers; not just coz they are getting a commission out of your purchases OR you're just good lookin (!!). Even if they don't do it, why don't we take the first step by being nice instead? I'd bet it'll make their day.

In his video, he mentioned that no one says G'Day (he's an Aussie) any more. Well ... its not quite that do-able when you live in a city. Even if one does it, it'll make him/her wanna past out due to the fact that they'll be greeting everyone while on their way to work/school etc.

However, not that I think people are just rude by not saying thank you, please, hello, cutting the queueing, but they also lack common manners. Common manners like closing one's mouth while yawning, sneezing outwards to other people (not only its rude but its one sure way to contaminate others with your germs!), speaking with a full mouth, by holding doors open for the person behind, ignoring seating priorities for pregnant women/old persons etc etc. I mean won't it be nice to not to have experienced these small or menial things that will ruin our entire day? I know I will have a great day just because someone in front hold the door open for me and not slam them in my face!

But then again I do wonder at times, are be being rude by saying you're welcome to someone who had not said thank you in the first place? There are times like these that a simple you're welcome could give one a blank look, a fuck off or whatever look from the receiver....

Let me be clear here, I'm not trying to be the patron of saint of social manners but I do try to make it a point everyday to be nice to other people first. The saying "do onto others what you want other to do onto you" rings clear. And I know we would all LOVE to live in a better and nicer place!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Some of the things that I do wonder and think about ALL day and it sometimes tend to keep me up at night...

1) Firing a gun. Wonder what's that like? I 'd love to try that out some time in the future. Well, I almost did it when a friend who owns several hand guns and a couple of shotgun offered to bring me to the shotting range. Wonder if the offer still stands?

Don't get me wrong, I'm normally not a viloent person, just the idea of handling a gun makes me curious.

2) Does thinking about someone else; ex-crush or lover, qualify as cheating on your spouse? What I meant to say is that, having the what ifs on our past relationships and also perhaps having day dreams about some one else other than the person you're with means that we going to cheat on them? Or does it means something else deeper? Deeper like, it's time to spice up our life as a couple? Deeper like, we are or will be having problems in our current relationships? Or I'm just being delusional? I just don't know what it all means now. Think it time to chat with the shrink?

3) Been having some really unhealty thoughts this past week. Unhealtly such as wanting to take off alone some where until futher notice. To party like mad like I used to. Well, not really MAD as per say. But just chill, you know with friends. To hit the trails if I can. The more I try not to think about it the more I'd like to do it. After having Owen, I feel like I'm just stuck here. Like I'm not really moving forward. I enjoy being a mum and all. But there's still something missing. It feels like I've not fulfil it just yet.

May be it's time I take a solo trip to recharge. To think about things I wanna do and to rethink my goals.

4) On the subject of infidelity. What would you do if that person does not even admit what they did was down right horrible and hurtful. But instead blame us for their behaviour? I'll be just totally lost for words and I won't waste my time trying to reason with them. I mean what's the point?!?

If this would to happen to our relationship; one of us falls out of love, we would just find a way to work things out for both of us. I mean there's just simply no point being unfaithful behind each others backs right? Truth, my friends is the way to live a sane life...

So you now know some of my strange thoughts. What about you? I'd bet you have some like all "normal" people do.

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Visiting the house of Cailler

Maison Cailler, Broc

Was a pretty nice Sunday. So with nothing much to do, we decided to go up to Broc for a visit to the Cailler (Nestle) chocolate factory.

Welcome to chocolate alley.... Owen and hubs

Caillers was one of the oldest chocolate making factory in Switzerland - since 1819. The location Broc, is very idyllic. With the green mountains (snow capped in winter) and hectares of farm land (mainly for milk production), the whole area screams "TYPICALLY SWITZERLAND"!!! LOL!

The chocolate alley....

OH! BTW, did I mentioned that the factory visit was a free visit? Even better was they give out free samples of chocolates! YUMMMMMYYYYY!!! Owen was so happy with this of course! LOL!

Some of the old chocolate making moulds.

So back to the main topic here... :p They show you some of their methods of chocolate production. Don't think they'll show people their WHOLE methods though. We saw how cocoa was roasted, processed into delicious chocolate before mixing other ingredients like milk, nuts, caramel, honey etc etc.... At the end of the visit, there's this small corner where they show case some of their history. From the 1st chocolate wrapping paper, the founder to the machines that was previously used in their factory.

1930's Nestle's "stamps"; small gifts hidden in chocolate bars then.

As such no visit would be complete without making a stop at their shop for a couple bars of chocolate right? BTW, this visit is not recommend if one is on diet! As it is, we smell like chocolate even after we reach home... hehehehehee...

PS: pictures were NOT good as was taken with my lousy phone camera... Time to change the phone! hehehehehe...

The end of barbecue summer...

Keeping the rolls warm in the oven...

It has been rainning for most of last week and for this coming week, although it looks good but its still windy during the day and cold in the evenings. Yup, summer is going away pretty soon.

Like every year, our building had a pot luck barbecue on Sunday. It was not bad meeting up with some of our neighbours although almost half did not turn up. Think its because this event tends to run till late and most of those who did turn up are middle aged rather than seniors... I think they might be afraid that they'll fall asleep half way while roasting this meat! muahahahahaha.....

Which reminds me, I did experienced some senior clients that fall asleep in the restaurant while I was working some time back. Had to wake them up when food was served, then they'll fall asleep again after eating and wake them up again when its nearly closing time!! We were pretty much being nice to them... :p

Not bad-lah... hehehehe...

For this barbecue, I made fried spring rolls, some fish & prawn crackers and for, dessert cassava cake - AKA bingka ubi kayu/manioc cake. Was my first try and it wasn't bad. It has been a long while since I ate this, once only fairly recently at a family friends bbq party when we were at La Rochelle, France.

Another yummy close up....

I've no idea it was so easy to make! If I've known earlier, would have made them more often. Just need grated cassava, coconut milk, a couple of eggs, some sugar, some salt and some grated coconut (optional). Mix them together and bake for about 1 hour or until cooked.

We're having bbq party again this coming Sunday with some friends, by the lakeside this time - if weather permits! I think I'll make them again for dessert.