Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Random thoughts

Random thoughts

Some of the things that I do wonder and think about ALL day and it sometimes tend to keep me up at night...

1) Firing a gun. Wonder what's that like? I 'd love to try that out some time in the future. Well, I almost did it when a friend who owns several hand guns and a couple of shotgun offered to bring me to the shotting range. Wonder if the offer still stands?

Don't get me wrong, I'm normally not a viloent person, just the idea of handling a gun makes me curious.

2) Does thinking about someone else; ex-crush or lover, qualify as cheating on your spouse? What I meant to say is that, having the what ifs on our past relationships and also perhaps having day dreams about some one else other than the person you're with means that we going to cheat on them? Or does it means something else deeper? Deeper like, it's time to spice up our life as a couple? Deeper like, we are or will be having problems in our current relationships? Or I'm just being delusional? I just don't know what it all means now. Think it time to chat with the shrink?

3) Been having some really unhealty thoughts this past week. Unhealtly such as wanting to take off alone some where until futher notice. To party like mad like I used to. Well, not really MAD as per say. But just chill, you know with friends. To hit the trails if I can. The more I try not to think about it the more I'd like to do it. After having Owen, I feel like I'm just stuck here. Like I'm not really moving forward. I enjoy being a mum and all. But there's still something missing. It feels like I've not fulfil it just yet.

May be it's time I take a solo trip to recharge. To think about things I wanna do and to rethink my goals.

4) On the subject of infidelity. What would you do if that person does not even admit what they did was down right horrible and hurtful. But instead blame us for their behaviour? I'll be just totally lost for words and I won't waste my time trying to reason with them. I mean what's the point?!?

If this would to happen to our relationship; one of us falls out of love, we would just find a way to work things out for both of us. I mean there's just simply no point being unfaithful behind each others backs right? Truth, my friends is the way to live a sane life...

So you now know some of my strange thoughts. What about you? I'd bet you have some like all "normal" people do.

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