Monday, September 07, 2009

Visiting the house of Cailler

Maison Cailler, Broc

Was a pretty nice Sunday. So with nothing much to do, we decided to go up to Broc for a visit to the Cailler (Nestle) chocolate factory.

Welcome to chocolate alley.... Owen and hubs

Caillers was one of the oldest chocolate making factory in Switzerland - since 1819. The location Broc, is very idyllic. With the green mountains (snow capped in winter) and hectares of farm land (mainly for milk production), the whole area screams "TYPICALLY SWITZERLAND"!!! LOL!

The chocolate alley....

OH! BTW, did I mentioned that the factory visit was a free visit? Even better was they give out free samples of chocolates! YUMMMMMYYYYY!!! Owen was so happy with this of course! LOL!

Some of the old chocolate making moulds.

So back to the main topic here... :p They show you some of their methods of chocolate production. Don't think they'll show people their WHOLE methods though. We saw how cocoa was roasted, processed into delicious chocolate before mixing other ingredients like milk, nuts, caramel, honey etc etc.... At the end of the visit, there's this small corner where they show case some of their history. From the 1st chocolate wrapping paper, the founder to the machines that was previously used in their factory.

1930's Nestle's "stamps"; small gifts hidden in chocolate bars then.

As such no visit would be complete without making a stop at their shop for a couple bars of chocolate right? BTW, this visit is not recommend if one is on diet! As it is, we smell like chocolate even after we reach home... hehehehehee...

PS: pictures were NOT good as was taken with my lousy phone camera... Time to change the phone! hehehehehe...

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