Sunday, December 21, 2008

The twilight saga

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Oh ya! I've been reading alright! Its been months since I touched any books. So I thought why not go crazy and get 4 books and read them back to back?

I didn't think much about Stephanie Mayer's book Twilight series when I was in the book store. I was just thinking; Hmm... seems like a good read. And I think its a bit like Anne Rice as well.... See, I really enjoy reading Anne Rice's vampire books. Don't know why but I enjoy reading them. BTW, I don't know if vampire exists but then again may be they could have since there seem to have legends or folk tales about them. Any ways, I actually forgot entirely about the book after getting them home for about a week. That is I still have to get my quilt finish before I actually sit down to do some reading.

And boy was I hooked! It seems that I couldn't read fast enough to get to the next page, and the next and the next.... I still can't believe that I actually finish reading all of them in a week! The story is kinda like Romeo and Juliet only that Juliet/Bella gets what she wish for and even more. But its her journey getting there that is pretty interesting (I must say - seems like the author enjoy reading classics), full of "mishaps" and misunderstandings with her best mate, Jacob and the love of her life, Edward. So not to spoilt the book for those who haven't read it yet, I'll leave you to your quiet moment with the book.

PS: I really enjoy book 4: Breaking Dawn. Wonder if Midnight Sun will ever be polished?

They got to him!

Owen enjoying the sledge

YUP! Its officially winter today but we've got snow for the last 2 weeks. It snowed in the night for 3 or 4 days then it rained down here (but blizzard like conditions up there) and washes part of it away.

I for one do enjoy the snow for the past few years, before Owen arrives that is. Now I really don't like them as much. Probably due to the fact that I had to push his stroller last winter (had to at 6 - 9 months) and now I had to carry him in the back pack for 1+ year old. And mind you he LOVES being on my back when it snows but not me. Ya, I've carried about 15kg of stuff some time ago (make that a long time ago) but carrying him is way different this time. I was afraid if I'll slip and fall with him, even when I'm wearing my snow boots!

Any ways, we went sledging with a friend and his kids at Les Paccots station, Chatel Saint Denis. Took us about 25 mins drive from our place to arrive and its for free! I've not come across any free ski station before and most of the time they aren't cheap, especially in Switzerland - land of the moos, and not that I know anything about skiing either.

Owen did enjoy himself in the snow with Rodrigo and Rosalia. We were pretty worried that he'll cry or something he if goes too fast which he did. I mean I went pretty fast as well on the sledge. I think he likes speed like his dad and I think I'm beginning to like speed as well... hehehehehe... Will probably learn to ski or God forbid, snowboard in the future? Hm....

And OH! After the afternoon fun in the snow, we ate in this restaurant (Chatel Restaurant Le Tsale) which I think is typically Fribourgeois (Chatel Saint Denis is in Fribourg region) Swiss chalet. I had their soup (made with Gruyere, some macaroni, pumpkins, potatoes, cream and some other ingredients) which was served in a wooden bowl with a wooden soup spoon! Pictures are here to explain it better. JP had their cheese croute (melted cheese with a piece of bread some pickled onions & miniature cucumber - do we even call it cucumber?). Not my kind of meal but JP liked it. I prefer my soup any time.

We'll be going off to see the in-laws (his side) at Super Besse, central region of France for Christmas this Wednesday. Not that we celebrate Christmas but to just get away to see some family and enjoy the holiday season in the snow. Hmm... Which brings me back to this question; will I enjoy being in the snow, all cold and wet? I don't know but I'm gonna find out. I might bring a book as well for just in case. Me and the in-laws don't really have much in common to chat about any ways, unless of course if they're into crafting/movies/books/music as I'm getting pretty tired about kiddy talk ALL. THE. TIME.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something warm and fuzzy

Owen enjoying his quilt... :D

PHEW!!! I've finally finish what I wanted to start since this summer. The whole process took me awhile. From choosing the material to actually ordering them online OR get them locally, cutting them up and putting the pieces together. I've never tried quilting before. Thought that this could be a chance for me to learn something more and give Owen something warm and fuzzy at the same time.

Mum told me that it'll take time and effort and man she is right! I could actually hear her right now with the I-told-you-so! Quilting is a pretty long process when you're a beginner at sewing - -like me. I had to learn it from trial and error along the way. I envy those who actually take up quilting classes. Thank goodness I bought a few extra (OK, half a yard/meter extra) of fabric. And no I didn't spend a fortune on fabrics (they were on sale) but I did invest on the hardware: a Janome sewing machine, rotary cutter, mat and ruler, since I think I'll be using them often from now.

The design is a free design from Victoriana Quilt Designs, called easy baby rail fence. I got my tips and heads up from friends at NNC (Thanks: Diane, Janet, Nik and Zarina!), from Quilting for Dummies (yeah, I am at THAT level! LOL!) and the Excyclopedia of Quilting & Patchwork Techniques. At first I was really confused with all the words quilters were referring to but after a while I got the hang of it with explanation of course. It was to me like talking in computer language, like the time JP taught me to built my own website (now abandoned project) awhile back. At least quilting "language" now are more familiar than computer ones!! LOL...

Pictures are here for you to enjoy the whole process of my quilting experience. OH! BTW, I've also made my 1st Needle pouch from a kit June of NNC gave me. I'm now going to put it into good use. Thanks June! AND... I might wanna make another quilt next year. But that's another story for another time. *wink*wink

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feels like a drag

I honestly don't know what the hell has got into me.... Last week seems like its going on and on forever! I've been feeling slightly depressed the entire time. Seems like I can't really finish stuff that I've just started. Perhaps its just the weather here recently and may be I've been staying indoors since its snowing pretty bad outside.

I remembered in the past, I felt this way as well. Was back in my final terms for 3rd year then. Back then what triggered it was the fact that my roommate actually talking behind my back about something - which I refuse to know what it was since I don't think I've offended her or any of her friends. "Friends" that actually believed her, start to avoid me at one point. But still I'm glad and thankful that there are still a handful of people that stood by me telling me to snap out it. Thanks guys!

BTW, to make matters worse; Owen is teething AGAIN!!! ARRGGHHHHH!!!!... I mean why can't babies grow all their teeth within 2 months or so and let us parents get some good night sleep?!?!? Since now that I'm a stay at home mum, it ME that has to drag my feet over to him while daddy continue his sleep in the other room. It's very nice "arrangement", no? Seriously, I'm rethinking our having-2nd-child option.