Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend baking spree....

OMG!! I didn't realised that I can actually miss baking goodies! LOL! The last time I baked was for Chinese New Year and then after that nothing... But that's good to, for the sake of our waistlines. :p

On Saturday morning I made this...
My pulled-apart cinnamon sugar pumpkin bread. Recipe here.
Its my very first time making this type of bread, besides croissants but that's another story for next time. ;) And its also my first time using a dough hook on my hand mixer. BTW, I got myself a brand new hand mixer during the winter sale period. :) I've never tried using the dough hook before and let me tell you its all worth it! Kneading bread by hand is tiring work... :p

Before leaving it to raise again and popping it into the oven....

The final result: really moist, soft, sweet and a DELICE! :)

And since I do not have enough space on my kitchen work top, I had to work on the floor with my silicone baking mat. :p Really feels like messaging the dough this way... hehehehe... The bread turned out wonderful despite the fact that I forgo the glaze seeing the amount of sugar I've added into the bread itself. Our whole apartment smelled of cinnamon sugar brioche when it was in the oven! :)))))

Seeing that I still have some of the cinnamon sugar mix  and 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree left over from the bread, I made pancakes the next day as a special treat for hubs birthday. :))) Sorry, no photos to show off as it was gone by the time I finish making them... :p

A heart for hubby and daddy dearest! :)
The sides...

The insides. A little undercook to me...

And to top off the day for hub's birthday, I experiment with a recipe from a blogger friend, Thanis Lim: Chocolate Cheesecake Swirl Brownie. The above is the final result. It wasn't a difficult recipe to follow just that since taste is objective, I find that I can taste the sugar (brownies ARE ALWAYS sweet! But we can make it a little less sweet no?) but not so much of the chocolate. Although hubs like this I find it a little under cook to me.
"My version" of chocolate cheesecake swirl brownie.. hehehehehe...

And since I've already planned to bake another brownie batch for hubs to share with his colleague, I used this recipe instead but mixed in the cream cheese mixture. I omitted the white and milk chocolate and used our local "brown" sugar found in Migros (popular local supermarket chain). Its called crude cane sugar and it has pale brownish colour which when poured into hot mixtures or being boiled/cooked, gives a very nice rich medium to dark brown colour. The plus side is that its not as sweet as white sugar, which is made mainly from sweet beetroot. :)

So that has filled out my dessert baking quota for the month. :) Don't think I'll bake again until at least till mid or end of March. Unless of course we're invited to other people's place for a party! :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines' day

How was your Valentine's yesterday? Well, as hubs and I aren't really fan of Valentine's Day - we think its all overrated and has become to commercialised, we just did kebab take out for dinner. :D I know, I know! Of all speciality and we just had kebab?!?! LOL! Well at least its still a little bit better than having McDonald's!

Since this year it happens to fall on a Tuesday, I asked Dude #1 if he wanted to gift anyone something for Valentines. And he said OK. So I've made a little something for his teacher and also for that special girl.. hehehehehe... Talk about starting early and at nearly 5 years old! LOL!

A cute little heart clip for "that" girl in class... ;)

Let's not forget his fav teacher: a fabric twisted rosetta bookmark.