Saturday, October 28, 2006

The lousy bit

Its been a week since my last visit to my gyne. Here I'm proud to present the very first picture of our little one. He/she measures only 14mm!! So tiny!!!

My tiny angle....

At the moment, I'm just feeling ok at times and hungry all the time. Being pregnant is currently giving me hormone imbalance. I could cry, get angry or even laugh at the slightest thing. Like today, we were on our way to the garden centre after grocery shopping and I told him I was hungry (I get hungry quite often now). But since we're in France (its like Singaporeans going to Johor), we haven't got any Euros with us (grocery shopping was paid by card). Stopped by a pastry/bakery shop after getting his maple tree plant, and realised that they only accept card with a 10 Euro purchase. So I said nevermind, we'll just go back and find something in Swiss, which was to my mind a 20 mins ride back from where we are. But in the car he started to tell me off, "You know eating sweet stuff would just make you grow fat! And besides its better to eat a balanced diet". I was like, "Hello! I am GOING to be fat anyways! And besides wasn't it you that offered me chips a moment ago? And now you're lecturing me about eating a balanced diet?!" All I wanted was a strawberry tart (ok, may be two tarts), or anything as long as its proper food (rather than chips!!) to keep me from having dizziness.

I was so angry then I decided to have a 20 mins shut eye while he drove us back. I knew that we'll pass by a drive-in McDonald' and yet he did not even wake me and asks me if I wanted an apple pie or even a Fillet-O-Fish!!! I was really angry when I woke up and found out that we indeed have passed by. Right there and then I just started to raise my voice, asking him why didn't he wake me, etc. Apparently I have the last word and started to cry.... EEEIIKKKSSSS!!! What the hell is happening? I do not cry that easily, well except at soapy romantic/dramas on TV or at the movies.

Now I get emotional more than I normally do. Now is it just me or does most pregnant women feel the same way as well? I know that women whose reaching menopause gets emotional at times; got that experienced from bickering over the phone with my mum 2 years back. Called to all the way just say hi and got f#%ked by her instead! Learned my lesson, NEVER EVER cari pasal with women on the way to menopause or those who are hungry while pregnant!! I think the man of the house has learnt his lesson. Said sorry while I was making dinner. Well I guess I'll give him a break for now. Seriously, I hope he reads this for men are really clueless most of time.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The beginning of a new life

Remember the no mood and tired spells on my earlier post I was having? We went to get our blood tests done last week and this week I have my generalist calling to congratulate us! He was going on and on about its a gift from God etc, then reality suddenly sank in was I put the receiver down. OMG!! We're pregnant!

Now the reason why I've not notice anything sooner was, its been normal for me to miss a period or two. But then again it doesn't really explains why I was having mood swings, sudden increase and loss of appetite and getting tired often even if I've not done anything that takes that much energy! Silly me, should have suspected something there....

Called my mum after calling hubs (who was equally stunned), and let me tell you about a "gila" nenek to-be. She was really excited (more than yours truly who is letting reality sinking in S-L-O-W-L-Y) and was going on and on about us leaving our precious one over in KL for a few months of the year etc, etc.... I was like "Woah! We're talking about a foetus now and NOT a full grown (and born) baby!!" Apparently she's been planning this for quite a while now... Sneaky mum!

When hubs got home, he has this silly smile on his face and kept on asking me, "When? Sure or not?" while looking stunned. Now hubs is a guy who is a normally rational guy, who thinks rather like Dr. Spocks at time and by all means logical (as all men claimed they are). I can not understand why is he asking these questions now, when he knows that all this while we've been trying. So why when I break the news to him, it seems like all Martian to him? Hmmmm.... Could be the way of how I broke the news to him online on my MSN, "you're going to be a papa". He kept on going "Sure or not? Is it really affirmative or not? Do the test again tonight".... At this point, I'm surprised he didn't ask me "How did that happend?" Why do they do that, I mean asking us silly questions when they know unprotected sex leads to pregnancy sooner or later.... No wonder they say men comes from Mars and women from Venus, we speak in totally different meaning! Unless of course if the sentence meaning is clearly outlined by us!!

So I'm feeling a little crummy at the moment. Let's just hope that this crummy feeling will go away soon, as I do not like the feeling of tiredness, gumpiness, indigestion (which produce loads of gas for me. Malunya when I go out!) and the frequent trips to the loo (not for nausea though, THANK GOD!). Friends told me (those who had had babies) that being pregnant is the most wonderful experience a woman could ever have. Well I'm yet to see the "wonderful" part yet. The idea of having stretch marks doesn't really appeals to me further into my pregnancy, which reminds me, need to get a new swim suit to "cover-up" them up! As I said before women will always be vain, no matter how old or what shape they're in....

I think what they really mean is bringing a child into the world that is really wonderful. But then again the idea of delivery pain really scares me now.... Or may be I should not be thinking too much for the moment, but just to savour it as it comes; no real diet but a balanced one (I could have pizzas at night!), shopping for new clothing and baby stuff, looking for names and having extra attention from hubs! Ah.... Better savour it while it lasts...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A long weekend trip...

The camera woman with a giant fussball....

I have been in a stitching down side for the past few weeks. Just don't feel like stitching and I don't know why! Haven't been doing much lately but I still feel so tired.... So hubs and I took a long weekend trip to see his sisters in Paris. We got there just in time for the Automobile show, one of the biggest show held only once every 2 years.

My eldest SIL (& family) whose living in Rochefort (a great for holiday spot) drove 4 hours for 3 days stay in Paris, just so that our nephew got to go to the car show. Now this little guy is only 4 years old (although he's small for his age), but ask him anything about a Volvo or a BMW he'll you which model is which and has what!! He'll even tell you which car is sportive and which is not... All that from a kid who hasn't start reading yet...

The car with the Bling-Bling!

The exhibition centre at Porte de Versaille, Paris is vast. We started walking at 12:30pm till about 6:30pm, and we only did hall 1 to 5, which is not bad considering that we wanted to see the highlights. There's still hall 6 to 8 to go. I really wonder if they ever held any expo on knitting, patchwork, cross stitching here? I think it would take me at least the whole day to walk from hall 1 till 8.... And yes, I would consider going there if its not too much trouble for my SIL with my stash from the expo! And no, I would not drag hubs there knowing that he'll grumble the whole day, unless of course there's a bonsai expo that comes with it!! :)

Hubs busy waiting for his turn getting into...and out of the BMW M6 Cabriolet

Anyways, you may be wondering why on earth I went for a car show. Well I'm camera woman for the guys (hubs, our nephew and his dad a.k.a our BIL). While they were busy looking at the specs, opening and closing what ever there's a handle to it i.e doors and hoods, I was busy either clicking away at their command, holding their fliers/brochures or "cuci mata" around an all male (well 80%) event. hehehehe.... Well I'm just looking and I believe that's what men do all the time, so why not us girls when we get the chance to do so huh? But then again just looking and not b***hing seems like something is missing.... Well looking will do then.

The menacing look of Benz SLR

The cars exhibited were most of them "concept" cars, which means cars that not not ready to be mass produced just yet. Many reasons why most concept cars end up not being mass produced include, the costs and also the problems not yet resolved that exists on the current prototype. At the "American" corner (consists of GM groups) there were not many people around. May be because "American" cars are deemed to be "muscle" cars, therefore consume more petrol/diesel, are either too big (as in HUGE) or wide for Parisian parking and costs more than others. Its true that we have less and less space in the city or suburbs for parking and to get around in as land is precious now. So why buy something that one could never find parking space big enough for? We saw made-in-China cars as well this time, but quality wise is not so good as yet eventhough it really cheap. One model go by the name of "Hover", which reminds me of the vacuum cleaner and the other is called "Wingle"!

The men busy checking out the goods...

The youngest of the pack checking out the safety features!

When we got back to my SIL's place, elder SIL threw me some surprise. She brought some of her maternity clothing for youngest SIL and me. It seems like she's trying to put some pressure (implicitly) on us to get pregnant soon! She was telling me that since both of us are about the same size, the clothing will fit me better. Well, its true that we're both almost the same size. BUT I remember the last time she gave me some of her clothing to try out. Its always either to small on the shoulders and butt area (yes, I do have a NICE ass!) or the style/colour is not me at all. Its not that I don't appreciate her gesture at all. I've worn hand-me-downs since I was a kid (at times till now) and to me its a great way to save some $$$. But sometimes "pressuring" people to take your old stuff is just too much no? In the past I've said no and this time I've said no as well coz, I just simply find her old stuff (eventhough its from ZARA etc) is too depressing in colour!

I wonder why pregnant women would want to wear dark colours all the time? Let's face it, when one's pregnant, we put on extra pounds every where! I seriously don't think that by wearing too much dark colours will slim down our silhouette especially to an already horizontally challenged figure plus added tummy and all round "air-bag". I believe that women when pregnant are beautiful, just that we need to wear clothing that suits us; make us look better, comfortable and have confidence on ourselves. I for one may not be in position to give advice on how pregnant women should dress but, wearing too much black/dark blue etc is just depressing eventhough black and the like colours are making their come back this fall/winter.

Then another cousin of his, brought a book that's called "Les plus beau prénom originaux" (the most beautiful original first names). After browsing through for 15 mins, the names are really too "special"/original to be translated into chinese. Now being born a chinese (will always stay Chinesese), my parents (and his side) would want Chinesese name for our future offspringgs. So I guess we'll have to stick to our brains to come up with a 3 in 1 name; Chinese, English and French!! Heck, guess we'll just have to come up with 1 name every week to choose from... I really wonder how on earth did our parents came up with our names then? There were no books on baby names then. Or may be they went to "tukang tilik" to choose the names?... hmmm...