Saturday, October 28, 2006

The lousy bit

Its been a week since my last visit to my gyne. Here I'm proud to present the very first picture of our little one. He/she measures only 14mm!! So tiny!!!

My tiny angle....

At the moment, I'm just feeling ok at times and hungry all the time. Being pregnant is currently giving me hormone imbalance. I could cry, get angry or even laugh at the slightest thing. Like today, we were on our way to the garden centre after grocery shopping and I told him I was hungry (I get hungry quite often now). But since we're in France (its like Singaporeans going to Johor), we haven't got any Euros with us (grocery shopping was paid by card). Stopped by a pastry/bakery shop after getting his maple tree plant, and realised that they only accept card with a 10 Euro purchase. So I said nevermind, we'll just go back and find something in Swiss, which was to my mind a 20 mins ride back from where we are. But in the car he started to tell me off, "You know eating sweet stuff would just make you grow fat! And besides its better to eat a balanced diet". I was like, "Hello! I am GOING to be fat anyways! And besides wasn't it you that offered me chips a moment ago? And now you're lecturing me about eating a balanced diet?!" All I wanted was a strawberry tart (ok, may be two tarts), or anything as long as its proper food (rather than chips!!) to keep me from having dizziness.

I was so angry then I decided to have a 20 mins shut eye while he drove us back. I knew that we'll pass by a drive-in McDonald' and yet he did not even wake me and asks me if I wanted an apple pie or even a Fillet-O-Fish!!! I was really angry when I woke up and found out that we indeed have passed by. Right there and then I just started to raise my voice, asking him why didn't he wake me, etc. Apparently I have the last word and started to cry.... EEEIIKKKSSSS!!! What the hell is happening? I do not cry that easily, well except at soapy romantic/dramas on TV or at the movies.

Now I get emotional more than I normally do. Now is it just me or does most pregnant women feel the same way as well? I know that women whose reaching menopause gets emotional at times; got that experienced from bickering over the phone with my mum 2 years back. Called to all the way just say hi and got f#%ked by her instead! Learned my lesson, NEVER EVER cari pasal with women on the way to menopause or those who are hungry while pregnant!! I think the man of the house has learnt his lesson. Said sorry while I was making dinner. Well I guess I'll give him a break for now. Seriously, I hope he reads this for men are really clueless most of time.


Barbara said...

Hey Shanny,

I think it is a whole new phase that you AND hubby are going through. Balance is the key to most situations. Once you've got into the right groove, the path won't be so bumpy :)

CraftyPretender said...

Shanny, I just heard the good news!! Sorry I haven't been trawling blogs a lot these few, busy keeping my life busy with good things.. and it looks like you're onto a great thing too ... congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Don't write like I'm the bad guy :)...I know that you love sooooo much ;))))


~lely~ said...

hi shanny! CONGRATULATIONS!!! No worries, ranting and bickering is normal. You'll both survive it even till after bb turns teenager... hahaha... =)

Take care n plenty of nutritional food n fruit juice