Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New 2011

I'm the king for the day! After finding the hidden "treasure" in the cake celebrating the 3 kings.
Happy New 2011! It has been along while since I blog any thing at all these few months. Having to juggle time between my 3 boys, my crafting, my reading, my trial & error cooking/baking and seeing friends for coffee/tea mornings is not really that easy.

Owen borrows the "crown" to little Kevin.
2010 seems to just fly by with 2 kids now. Kevin is now 6 months old and he's already trying to stand by holding onto something! He gives me the loveliest proud smile whenever he does! Big brother Owen plays it cool now with his brother. There are a few times I caught him hitting/pulling little brother. I do hope this phase will pass soon when Kevin gets a little bit older. 

Since Owen will be starting school end of August, I'm looking forward to that (for the 5 days week 3 hrs crafting time OR play time with Kevin). And I think he's looking forward to being 4 as well in June. As you know how kids can be; always counting down when they'll be older next! I'm certainly NOT looking forward to being older but still that's life.

So things to look forward for us would be:
  1. Going home for a holiday
  2. Owen starting school in August
  3. Will sign Owen up for his 1st swimming lessons
  4. Attending hubs' cousins' wedding in Germany
  5. more things to look forward to but aren't just what is in store yet! :) Hope its a good surprise... 

May 2011 will bring more luck, better health and more prosperity for everyone!