Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feels like a drag

I honestly don't know what the hell has got into me.... Last week seems like its going on and on forever! I've been feeling slightly depressed the entire time. Seems like I can't really finish stuff that I've just started. Perhaps its just the weather here recently and may be I've been staying indoors since its snowing pretty bad outside.

I remembered in the past, I felt this way as well. Was back in my final terms for 3rd year then. Back then what triggered it was the fact that my roommate actually talking behind my back about something - which I refuse to know what it was since I don't think I've offended her or any of her friends. "Friends" that actually believed her, start to avoid me at one point. But still I'm glad and thankful that there are still a handful of people that stood by me telling me to snap out it. Thanks guys!

BTW, to make matters worse; Owen is teething AGAIN!!! ARRGGHHHHH!!!!... I mean why can't babies grow all their teeth within 2 months or so and let us parents get some good night sleep?!?!? Since now that I'm a stay at home mum, it ME that has to drag my feet over to him while daddy continue his sleep in the other room. It's very nice "arrangement", no? Seriously, I'm rethinking our having-2nd-child option.


Emily said...

cld u be expecting?!!

Nick said...

I'm sorry to hear about all that doll.

Some of the best things we do here in the states when it snows, especially in Michigan, is we go outside and play in it. You hate it cuz it is cold and wet and icky, but you have to change it into somethign fun, then it does not bother you

It;s the whole idea of finding a silver lining. It really does help alot.

~ mrs lam ~ said...

my daniel boy is teething now... actually he has been teething for the past 3 months... the process is so slow like snail... everyday he will be trying to rub his itchy gums on anything he can put his hand on... and i didn't know this teething process can goes on and on and on...

ShannyK-L said...

No, I'm not expecting... YET! LOL!

thanks man.. We went to a nearby ski station (25 mins drive) with Owen. Had loads of fun on the snow sledge. Might wanna learn to ski. *wink*wink

Mrs Lam,
Well its a very (VERY) slow process. I hear that it could still go on till they are 2 and half years old!! *sigh more sleepless nights to go...