Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finished! AT LAST!!

Close up of the case...
This pic is SUPPOSED TO TURN!!! @%&? blogger!!!!

Here's my latest finish! Its mum's birthday gift; a glasses case. Paul gave me an idea of what to make for my mum. And its FINALLY finished! Yes, I know, I know! I'm such a slow stitcher that I've got to make this first in time to make it for her birthday in November! LOL! Imagine if I were to make Christmas tree ornaments! I'll have to start in summer or even spring just so that it'll be ready for Christmas! LOL!

So why is it that I'm such a slow stitcher? Well for one, I'm a L-A-Z-Y ass! LOL! Then, there are times I do wander off doing something else that some how manage to catch my interest; like reading OR worst still starting on yet another project. May be while stitching a piece, I got bored half way. Especially if its a big piece and have repeated patterns. I think I should stitch smalls or even medium sized pieces so that it'll at least make me concentrate on finishing it!

The case with satin cords.

Oh BTW, its my first time stitching on black linen. I would not say that I "love" it, in fact thank GOD I have pretty good eye sight now (with glasses of course!), its was pretty challenging to "stab" the needle on the fabric the correctly! And I did this with the help of my clear dinning table. Had to hold the fabric slightly up so that light go through and that I could see the grains....

Mum was complaining about how she can never find her glasses where it should be. Trust me, even if its right in front of her or on her head, she just can find it! So I made an attached cord with it, so that she'll be able to wear it around the neck at all times! Made it black coz I think clear colours are pretty easy to get dirty or stained.

So now, next on my plate is to finish up my other half done pieces! Otherwise hubs would not let me get new stash - one of the worst case scenarios he could think of now..... :( And here I'm saving up for Feb 2010 craft show in Paris....

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