Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cake anyone?

A walk with papa....

How time flies! It just seems like yesterday when he was born and it was just YESTERDAY Owen turns into a three month old....

To celebrate this "occasion", hubs asked me to make something special. So I decided to bake some cup cakes! The original recipe was suppose to make 1 round cake but one could actually scoop them into paper cups and may be alter them a little right? Instead of the cake being plain chocolate, I've added orange rind and some chocolate chips to it. And also I find that adding fizzy water and or beating egg whites till stiff peak really adds to the moist of any cake!

The frosting tha "flops" downwards!

This looks better no?

Its also the 1st time I've done cakes with frosting. Usually I don't frost my cakes coz frosting are sooo.... messy to handle! But since its for Owen (or rather his dad) and we have a dishwasher (YAY!), why not? The frosting turns out quite good and very sweet (as with all frosting). Now I've never made frosting before and this recipe I got off the Internet requires that the chocolate be melted with butter and milk. At first I thought that is looked a little too liquid but then after cooling it off a little in the FRIDGE, it looked better. That's AFTER I scoop a table spoon of them into the pipping bag and onto 3 of the cakes!!! I was like; Dude, what the hell are you doing man? Mental note here; next time, wait till frosting is a little bit cooler to pour them into the pipping bag and start pipping!
My chicken in "action"....

Potatos and carrots gratin

The weekend sees me baking as well; baked chicken with potatoes and carrots seasoned with rosemary AND a dish called potato and carrots gratin (or any vegetable with white sauce and cheese). Why baking? Well it seems that with baking I could actually cook everything one time go! I think its also the fact that the oven is "strategically" placed on my height level (thus no need to bend), and not to mention that we have 2 oven, a small on top of the big one. I'm really happy with our new apartment.... I do hope we're staying longer here. Moving is a NIGHTMARE when you have too much stuff and kids along!


~ mrs lam ~ said...

shanny... i wish i stay near you... then i can invite myself to ur place to try all those yummy food of urs... hehehehe

Emily said...

Mrs Lam - I think I will join you in the wishfull thinking! And I just finished my lunch!

Shanny, kids - they grow up very fast. Relish these early years!

Wah! son and DH taking walks together2, soon it will be fishing trips, bicycle rides, kite flying.... quick go make a daughter for yourself quick quick!

~lely~ said...

hi Shanny! Your cupcakes looks great! can you share your recipe for icing(drop me a note at I'm phobic at making icing...HELP!