Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Designed and penned by Jennifer L.Aikman-Smith

Yes! Yes! It has arrived! I'm now jumping for joy for the arrival of my first Dragon Dreams charts; The Time I Spent Stitching and A Stitcher's Blessing. Come to think of it, I do jump with joy whenever something in a form of parcel or large format envelopes arrives for me. So far those are just either gifts or charts or floss ordered online... Bills would arrive in a very formal form of envelopes, no larger than a B4.

Also by Jennifer L.Aikman-Smith

So now I just have to finish my WIPs first before I actually venture into the "linen" area. Good thing I've got my magnifying lens for that! Otherwise I'd expect to do more frogging than stitching! Right now as I'm expecting the weather to be a little bit warmer (at least till 25 or 27°C), then I'll be able to enjoy my deck chair outside at the balcony doing my stitching.

A small gift for the new born.

Then just today I got news that the long awaited arrival of my 3rd nephew. Named Hughes (pronouced Hugh as in Hugh Grant OR as in huge in English), arrive on the wee hours of Saturday morning and he's early by 1 month! I guess some babies just can't wait for life to begin with! I just cant' wait to see him (and the 2 older boy of course) this June when we go to back to France! I'm missing the 2 older cheeky boys already....

Its funny how you can miss kids more, even when they aren't yours to begin with, after you've got to know them better? I guess they are what reminds of of our carefree childhood years... The age of innocences, of discovers and of unlimited energy! I found out how to actually loose some kilos and have no sleeping problems by running and playing around with those two boys! In the end of the day, you're just knackred! I wonder if being a parent will get you knocked out more offten than just being the aunt/uncle of the child?

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Anonymous said...

Shannt congrats on your newly acquired stash... may they bring u loads of pleasure...