Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The World Cup 2006; France - Swiss

We went to watch France - Swiss match yesterday (13/06/2006) by the lakeside of Vevey where they put up a so-called "GIANT" screen. It was really hot even at 5:30pm.... Guess you can say this is the time when we get the sun set only at 10pm or so!! Thank goodness its only 10pm here, elsewhere you'll find that the sun NEVER sets during summer time! I wonder how people could get some sleep when the suns' up bright and shining?

Hubby all charged up!

So back to the lakeside screen; the atmosphere was really great with Swiss fans sporting red and white (national flag colour), while we couldn't really see a lot for French supporters only a couple here and there.... Now hubby is a full flag French team supporter but it was really strange to see him and a few others actually sing (ok, hum for hubby. Reason? Can not remember the whole lyrics!!! And he claimed to be nationalistic!) the national anthem a.k.a La Marseillaise and cheer on les bleu (the French team colour).

Look at the lousy screen and the really TALL fans!!

Now the other bad part is that vertically challenged me can't see a thing! Reason? Everyone was taller and was standing around instead of sitting their asses down.... Besides the screen quality is really bad and its only 5m by 3m (and they announced that its a "giant".. :p). So off we went to another screen nearby in a pub. Now in this pub, the screen is really a giant screen! At least everyone is sitting down on comfy sofas, having a beer or two, out of the sun and we can even see the ball from afar! Now beat that lakeside screen!

Sorry dear all Swiss fans wor... No blues!

Now before we even went to watch the match, I told hubby that the score would be nil for either side. And the score after 2 half time was..... NIL! I should have put my bet down with him.. *sigh Could have won myself a cheese cake or a chocolate cake! Hmmmmmm.... May be on the finals then...

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Vive la FRANCE !!!