Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In the heat of the day

Its been really really hot lately... It just seems that its never going to end! I've even cross out virtually all afternoon activities unless of course if its related to work or I'm obligated to go out. The mornings are bearable but still warm until it hits 11am! Then the whole place seems to just sizzle till late evening. Even the blowing winds seems to be hot.

These are the times when I miss having marble flooring like we do back home. Good thing is that we've got couple of fan around the house and its well aired here. But then again, whenever I sit down to do my stitching, my a** will be sweating like I'm in a sauna!! That's why whenever I sit to do some reading or stitching I'll be fidgeting and or moving from one place to another; from the sofa to the chair, from the chair to the floor and vise versa. My mum would tell me off: "Tak boleh nak duduk diam ke?". Well, which person would like to sit on their sweaty arse? Not me!

This year's heat wave reminds me about the heat wave on 2003, where we've got thousands dead caused by heat stroke or heart attack etc. This year we've got a few deaths as well but only 8 to 10 persons, mainly old people. Now don't get me wrong, I'm used to having hot temperatures all year long but this is something different. In a hot and dry weather, our bodies tend to "dry" out faster then in a hot and humid weather. By the rate that we're drinking water now, my job as the cook at home has become simpler by the day!! hehehehe... This could be a great time for me to cut back on meat products and sweat off the excess fat no? hehehehe....

Speaking about burning excess fat reserve, my arse is sweating now. Better get off this chair before it burns!

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