Monday, August 14, 2006

Would you like to buy my cross stitch mags?

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by ShannyKhoo

Recently someone got me a cross stitch mag which I'm not sure what to do with it since none of the motif in it appels to me. Its not that I'm ungreatful etc, its just that I don't like keeping things that I'm not going to use it anyways! It'll be so much better to find them a home that someone will appreciate them more than I do. And besides there's about 26 charts, specially on subject of babies and children; teddy bears, alphabets, grow charts, zoo animals etc.... Am willing to give away this mag but the reciever have to bear the cost of postage.

Before recieving the mag, I bought another cross stitch mag (the same mag title but different issue). The only reason why I bought it then was there's only one particular poster chart that appels to me and now I'm not sure what to do with the rest!! I was thinking of selling it but at what price? The price I bought was CHF9.50 (about RM28.-), so am willing to sell it off at CHF3.50 (about RM10.-) since I took off one of the posters. In this mag, there's about 22 charts (after minus the ones I took), the main subjects; scenery and still life.

Please be aware that the mags mentioned above is in French/Italian! I'm not sure about postage cost right now as it really depends on the weight and destination. From a smoke free home and in good condition. I accept payment via PayPal and Please email me if you're interested. Serious buyers only. Please click on the above image to go to the pictures. Sorry for the inconvience as I can't seem to post pictures at the moment.


Barbara said...

Hi Shanny,

You've set the webshots setting to private. Can't access your album at all. Want to look at it and sibuk-sibuk :), who knows maybe something strikes my fancy!

ShannyK-L said...

Sorry Barbara... hehehehe.. Didn't realised that before. Anyways, you're free to sibuk-sibuk! No probs! :)

Barbara said...

I still can't access the photo album, still says I need an invitation from the owner!