Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas market

A wooden tower

This is an overdue post due to the laziness in me these past few days.... :p

The Edelweiss Chalet

We went to a Christmas market in Montreux on Sunday. Thinking that it will be packed, we took a bus there to avoid the overcrowded car park. Took us about 15 mins to get there and Owen was enjoying the scenery all the way... It didn't snow or rain so its all good besides the grey-grey skies.

Owen with papa and the reindeers! opps... and mousse also!

Once we hopped off the bus, the whiff of hot wine fills the winter air. Its basically red wine mixed with spices - to "spice up" the winter body I guess. Its delicious when they can get the mixture right, otherwise we'll be all tipsy or worst too much spice! There were stalls selling all kinds of hand-made presents and food/drinks. One I find particularly interesting is a stall selling glass items. The guy who made them even blown/torch glass decorations/jewellery items to order. Then there's one stall selling Christmas tree hanging glass balls (do you call them glass balls or globe?). Now these balls are different coz one could see there's a figurine inside it. Its so cute with Santa and reindeer inside. But since we've got an-ornament-pulling-little-man at home, i don't think I'll get a 15CHF glass thingy! Would want to sneak in some pics but it would be too obvious.

Look at the GIANT WOK!!

Ice skating rink

This year's decoration isn't as nice as last years. May be things are getting more and more expensive? But there's a small nice skating rink right next to a Finland cottage restaurant. OH! And there's also a "traditional" Swiss cottage restaurant as well. All made up just for the market. Went in for a meal of cheese fondue with friends there just 2 weeks ago. Its always crowded.

The rows of stalls

I think Christmas market will be even better of there's snow and lots of decorations. Am crossing my fingers that for next Christmas, we'll try to go to Strasbourg for their market. Heard its one of the best... Or may be even to Lapland (Finland) for its Santa's home?!? hehehehe...


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Enjoyed reading this post! Very informative and the pictures are lovely!