Sunday, January 20, 2008

What work!

Hi all! See I can stand!

I know, I know. I haven't been blogging lately. Was side tracked by Owen, stitching a new curtain and organising a steamboat/Chinese fondue party just yesterday for hub's friend. Owen's doing great now. He's getting more mobile by the day. Its just really amazing to see how babies learn stuff just like that!!! He's now crawling super fast, learning to stand and cruise at the same time. now the cruise part, I think he'll have to sharpen it up a little bit more. He keeps letting go of whatever he can get to hold himself steady, to "free stand"! Its really scary, coz he's fallen so many times and mostly to his head area. But thank goodness he almost always falls onto the carpet! So now, he's getting to know the "art of NOT falling" on his head but his bum (cushioned by diapers!). Now I understand why mum said I was a handful!! Hmm.... May be I tend to get into more trouble than sis?

Can you see my teeth? Owen with cheeky smile...

As for the stitching part, sad to say I've only done less than half on my 1st piece of curtain ever since 3 weeks ago! :(( But still I can foresee that I'm not going to leave it as a WIP for long. In fact, I've planned or shall we say drawn up a list of things to do/stitch this year. It will be:

  1. My kitchen curtains.

  2. The gold & yellow on red Chinese calligraphy: prosperity.

  3. A gift for my secret partner: Birthday gift exchange.

  4. Joan Elliot's "Home is where your honey is".

  5. My other WIP which turned into an UFO: the 9 Koi....

My WIP curtain. Still on 1st piece.

So you see, I don't think I'll have time to watch another no brainer HK VCD/DVD (which SIL so kindly lend me in case of boredom). In fact out of 25 movies, I've only seen 2 of them and almost fell asleep.... Seriously, I don't think I'm ever bored. There's always something to do; keep all 4 eyes on Owen, stitching, some bakin' & cookin', browsing on-line shops and only when I have time read blogs & blogging.

A close up. Design from De Fil en Aiguille mag issue 21

About the Chinese fondue. Actually one of hubs friend will be having a stomach reducing operation soon. Once its done, he won't be able to eat normal food, just really small and liquidise foods. Why stomach reduction, coz this guy is huge. I mean he is big and he doesn't wear a jacket during winter even outside coz he's always HOT. This guy sweats during the coldest months.... He's been telling us that he really needs to get it done. I think so too, for obvious reasons; he's health is suffering

Anyways, preparing food for 2 big guys, 3 adults and 3 kids alone is a "field day" for me. Especially when you have a crying 7 month old and a husband who is glued to the TV due to Australia Open (tennis) is double.... That's why I was telling hubs, the next time we are only allowed to have max twice a year for gatherings of this kind if it involves me cooking/preparing food and doing the cleaning up alone. Its not that I don't like doing it but I really hate it when he leaves almost everything to me and then expect me to do things at the very last minute!! Men, when they aren't in the food business is totally useless & clueless....

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