Thursday, May 01, 2008

What I love...

Owen with his new toy push car

Look! There's something inside!!

  • is when he loves to look for me when he wakes up first thing in the morning or from his nap time.
  • When he just wants a cuddle and sit by my side -preferably not wriggling around. When he leans his head on my chest when he's sleepy or for more cuddles. When he laughs and plays with us.
  • When he has on his mischievous grind over his face - "I'm going to do/up to something" grin.
  • When he has his full concentration - doing the "big business", tearing up catalogues/flyers, trying to find out how does it work, how to play/start his toys.

  • When he makes a real mess in my kitchen and the living room but still gives me a BIG smile to say "look! I've "re-arrange" for you!".
  • When he "switches" TV channels for us.
  • When he actually crawl around looking for me; in the kitchen, bathroom/toilet and bedroom just because.
  • When I tell him bed time stories and sing/hum to him until he's sleepy.
  • When can't wait for his food!

Look mum! I've re-decorate for you!

What I really hate....

  • Is when he cries while pulling at my legs hungry/for attention WHILE I'M COOKING!

  • When he cries if I put him in his bed.
  • When I can't have time to be alone in the bathroom/toilet!!
  • When he still wants to eat when he just ate 5 mins ago...
  • When he switches off the DVD player/TV when we're watching DVD/TV.
  • When he still can't understand the word "NO".
  • When he can't wait for his food!!!

more to add to the list as he grows....


Emily said...

Oh my! How Owen has grown! And how time flies!

Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy these moments while you can, pretty soon - he will be able to answer back!

~ mrs lam ~ said...

the LOVE lists will always be more than the HATE ones..... definitely it is worth see-ing Owen grows... yeah... enjoy the moment before he starts to talk...

Rose said...

Owen's so cute. He sure is growing up fast. And whose sexy legs are those on the left?.....:)

Daddy Forever said...

If only they could stay that way forever. Sounds like you love your son a lot.