Friday, February 19, 2010

In the eye of the Tiger year

It was Chinese New year on Valentine's Day. Actually It still is CNY, until 28th of February as for us it runs for 15 days. We went back to hubs side of the family last Thursday.

Owen looking handsome in Chinese style clothing

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Paris was freezing cold!! And it was so WINDY! I think that its because 3rd SIL's place is right next to the Seine river, that makes the wind worst. What's worst than the cold outdoors? Cold indoors! LOL! Heating costs are rising so they try to limit their electric heating at home. But then again, their heater isn't as efficient as ours at home as its one of those typical one unit wall hanging type and not the floor heating. We were always in thick polar sweaters, pants and socks... :p But thank goodness it was for only 2 nights before we go to Rochefort, 1st SIL's place. Now there is what I call OVER HEATING! LOL! We actually sweat while we slept at night in winter.... And I end up having flu with soar throat the next day. :(

Oh well! Besides that it was fun to see them again and having the 4 little boys playing. OK, "fun" might not be the word to describe the chaos, noise and at times crying of what happens indoors.... The little ones slept each night at nearly midnight! Owen developed dark under eye rings by the time we come home, as he was sleeping so late and waking up so early in the the morning to continue playing!!!

Funny quilts wall hanging
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OH! Did I mentioned that I managed to persuade hubs to let me go to this craft show in Paris? hehehehehe.... Yes he did! *HUGS!!! This time I went WITHOUT THE BOYS, knowing how bored both of them will get with me going oohhhhsss and aaaahhhssss over fabrics, buttons, craft books, etc etc. LOL!

There were a lot of people there, mainly women of course! And the stands were quite interesting all in all. There were some displays of hand made quilts, contemporary hand made art, granny squares etc etc. As this silly women forgot to take her camera with her, photos shown here were taken by mobile digital camera.

And did I get anything for myself? OF COURSE! :D Needless to say, I was a very happy women that whole week, even with the chaos operated my the little ones!

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So cute in the baju cina!