Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My cuppa

Toasted English muffins with cappuccino.... heaven!

Cappuccino (decaf of course!) happens to be just the thing for a sunny morning like today. I do not have a machine, we don't drink enough coffee to buy one and plus there's just no place in the kitchen for another hardly use bulky thing. So what I bought a year ago was a 1 cup coffee percolator also known as Moka Pot. Why 1 cup? Hubs is not really a coffee drinker, will only drink coffee while driving long distance.... LOL!

My cute moka pot with its tall frother

So I got that and also a battery operated milk frother. Having worked at coffee shops (no, not like the ones in Netherlands!) during internships and part-time jobs, basically learned a little about making milk foams that could make a toothpick stand manually. Which is taking cold milk, pour it into a steel jug, turn on the "arm" of the coffee machine full and then steam the milk in the jug by just making sure the tip is just below the surface. Full cream milk creates the best froth. And if you're using a battery operated one like mine, make sure the milk is warm enough and just put the tip of the frother into the milk and froth away! :D Btw, you'll need a container that is tall enough as frothing milk could rise up....

Big, plum and juicy strawberries
Since we're having spring at the moment, strawberries are abundant now and we're eating them almost every week. I think I'll buy some more today to make strawberry compote (sauce) for that bucket of vanilla ice-cream in the freezer..... Can't wait till end of June though. That's when we're having cherries!

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