Monday, November 08, 2010

My little sous chef

Our blueberry cake with blueberry frosting....
It was a pretty depressing Sunday - it RAINED ALL DAY!!... :( So to cheer almost everyone up (the almost is my side ways expanding waist line), I decided to bake a cake with Owen. YUP! He's my little sous chef at the pastries department. The hot kitchen could get a little bit more complicated for the time being. Perhaps when he's a little older and ONLY if he's interested.

Looks yummy no?

More milk mama?
The last time he helped, he was soo... PROUD of it that he kept on mentioning to his dad that he made the cake with mama! LOL! This time round, he tells me that we should make another cake soon....

Hmm..... not a very good idea for our ever expanding waist line but then again, I think its a good idea for him to get involved in the cooking process. That way he'll learn that things has to be done step by step and all the way to the finish. I feel that its important for kids to learn what goes into their food. Proud to say he knows now that eggs is not just eaten as hard boil but in cakes as well as making noodles. :)

Our chef having a slice of his own cake... :)
So this Friday we're going to bake a chocolate orange cake with orange cream cheese frosting! :D

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