Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year goodies...

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Wishing you that the dragon year will bring you and your family more prosperity and better health than the last. :)

Since this year's CNY falls on a MONDAY (of all days!!), which also means its a normal work/school week for us here in Swissyland. OH! HOW I ENVY MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY BACK HOME!!! Oh well! We can't always have what we want isn't it....

Dude #1 helping mummy.... :p
So to celebrate this special occasion, I've decided to bake some cookies for my dude #1 to share with his classmates and for hubs to bring to share with his colleague. Nothing fancy, just 2 batches each of peanut and almond cookies. The 1st batch I made with lard. Yes you heard me LARD!!! hahahahaha.... This is the 1st time I've bake with LARD! :D It turned out pretty great with this melt in your mouth goodness even.

Peanut cookies with a little dragon print out for the goodie bag.
But since I didn't want the little ones to get premature spike in their cholesterol level (or even have a hand at rising their % on having stroke/heart attack etc), I've made dude #1 batch with peanut oil instead. It turned out rather dry but still good. It wasn't as the lard ones which actually "hold" till you pop them into your mouth "meltiness", which means less mess for the teachers to clean up if they decided to pass the packs of cookies around during the 10 o'clock break time.

A small "production" line.. LOL!
 I actually got the recipe off a blogger here. Her recipe here are very straight forward which I like. For the almond cookies, I just replace the peanuts with ground almonds. :) These cookies were by far the easiest I've made. I've made pineapple tarts before and believe me when I say its too troublesome to even bother making when I've got dude #2 getting his grubby hands into everything! LOL! There just to much step to follow. :p May be in a year or two, I'll try to make it.  In the mean time I'll stick with non finicky bake goods.....

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