Monday, March 05, 2012

Gifts from Diane!

This is a a very late post. Gosh! I can't get my head around how fast time fly by when I'm putting together NNC goody bag goodies! LOL! I know I need to work faster but they say, a rush job is never a good job....

Diane's gift came all the way from South Carolina! She so generously gave me a quilt pattern and its coordinating fabrics!! I was over the moon when it arrived on the morning of the 22/02. Was going; OMG!OMG! OMG! and Owen was looking at me like I'm a crazy person... LOL!


Bags of fabric!


Appliqué pieces

THIS I will keep till the boys are a little older to use!
From the "Royal Desk of Her Majesty THE QUEEN"!!! LOL!
And since we have agreed earlier on about making this into an exchange, I am at the moment scouting for items that says SWITZERLAND! LOL! Found 2 or 3 items but will add more to that collection as time comes. And since US has strict food import guidelines, I don't think I'll be sending chocolates over. Sorry dear! It'll melt by the time it gets to you..... May be next time if I ever plan to meet you State side, I'll bring some over? :)

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