Friday, June 14, 2013

Velvet ribbon cushions

I have been pretty occupied these past few weeks. Was at first busy with NNC Anniversary gift exchange and the Fabric House Challenge . Then up next was a cushion cover I sort of promised a friend; a velvet ribbon weave cushion cover. And finally O's 6th Star Wars themed birthday party.

The cushion covers. :) Happy with the results! 
And as promised to a friend back home, here's an over due write up of the cushion cover. When my friend and I saw it in one of my many craft books, we immediately said YES! This is the one!. It just look so simple and easy to do. Little did I know it was FAR from it. Yes the technique is not something very new. But try to do this on velvet ribbons that sort of bow in a certain way and are so stubborn to stay in its place.
A closer look at the mix sized ribbon weave. 
After much fussing and hand hemming, the ribbons did stay put during the sewing up process which took me several hours just to get the pipping right at the edge like it should be - meaning more frogging in some places. But the end result was better than I've expected. :) The first cushion I decided to use only one size ribbon and the second one was made using mix size ribbons. I preferred the mix as it gives it the cushion a new look all together.

Well if I ever wanted to make another cushion using this technique, I'll be using jacquard or cotton ribbons instead of velvet ones due to the price and also easy care with the kids! LOL! Plus I'll make real sure that the ribbons aren't bowed and are straight as it should be. Lesson learnt eh? :)

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