Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cake anyone?

Which is better? Cake with flash?

Lately I've been on a "house arrest" by my gyne and hubs. Its soo..... BORING to just stay at home and almost always doing stitching (well this is not boring but strains my back from time to time). So I decided to bake a cake for tea yesterday.

This recipe was borrowed from Amy Beh of, called Orange Raisin Butter Cake. Hmm.... I don't think its suppose to be called that way though since I've used more cherries than mentioned in the recipe. Why not Orange, Cherry and Raisin Butter Cake? And mind you we don't have cherries yet. More like have to wait till end of May or June for fresh cherries to arrive at the market place.

So instead of fresh cherries I used FROZEN ones! hehehehe... The miracles of food technology now! And since I don't have self-raising flour on hand, had to mix my own.... Nowadays, I like using slightly brown cane sugar than white sugar. I think it has to do with the taste. Plus I heard that white sugar has more calories than cane sugar since white sugar here are produced from a kind of sweet potato. Anyway, I don't really care from where or what its produced from, I just like the taste of cane sugar better.
OR without flash?

And the final result? 2 loaf of really nice smelling cake baking in the oven ready for tea! A nice break from stitching I could say so myself no?


~ mrs lam ~ said...

to me, the photo of cake with flash definitely looks more tempting..... i'm sure it tasted just as good...

Barbara said...

I'll take a slice of each please :) The proof is in the eating! What better combination, cake and tea and stitching. Ah...heaven!

Emily said...

Yummy! I concurr with BJ there, a good combo ~ cake&tea&stitching!