Monday, May 07, 2007


Its over! Thank goodness its finally OVER! I'm talking about the French Presidential Election. It has been going on and on for several week/months now. And basically I'm getting sick of hearing about it every other day!

And mind you the French can go on and on about it. Be it what is Mrs Royal is eating to what Mr Sarkozy is wearing (what colour and why!!). If I were to elect a candidate, I don't really care what he/she is eating or wearing. What matters most is what he/she is capable in doing for the country. Gees! Talking about something to talk about. More like something to gossip about no?
Well no guessing game here who won anyways. My curiosity is that why didn't the left wing won the majority veto when Mrs Royal is such a popular choice with the people? I think it has a lot to do with their socialist policies which I really think quite "traditional" in terms of catching up with the times now. Its not that I disagree with them but honestly it needs polishing up a little.

Like the one with the generalisation of the 35 hours work week. My logic is that, if you want to earn more, then work more. She logic is that of not everyone wants to work more to earn more..... Hmm.... Yes its true that if one works more, they won't be able to have the family life they wanted to have. But what about those people who don't have children? Or don't want to have children? These people are a plenty here in Europe. We can not condemn them to earn the minimum no? Its unfair to singles/married people without children. what are they going to do with all those "extra" holidays they have when they can't even go off for a nice vacation just because they are earning the minimum wage?

Are people now just happy to be earning the minimum wage? May be. May be not. I'm sure many young/middle aged people aren't. Living costs are going up every year and not to mention consumerism. People may want to earn more may be not just because to buy things or go for a round the world tour but for a better retirement later in life or for better education/well being of their children.

But then again, it is a fact that the more we earn, the more we tend to spend! Its a fact and I think one has to be disciplined enough to put something aside. I know myself, I tend to be succumbed to spending on little things I don't really need at times. That's unless I spent at least 30 mins in the store staring that that thing and at the same time snapping myself out of it! which in any case happens not that often.... That's why now I've resigned myself to staying in instead of going out for no reason and stitch! But I still have to keep myself out of online shops from time to time! ARRGGHHH!!.....

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shan said...

hi.shanny. it's me celin. how are u doing with 'him' ? (u know who i mean right?) i didn't know u r interested in political things, but my crizy bf have a site talking about this,
so u can take a look if u want ;)