Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thanks Mum!

Mum and I...

From today onwards, it will be just the three of us here. Mum just got onto the plane this morning heading back home to Malaysia. I'm pretty sure that she's glad to go home after spending more than 2 months here in Switzerland. But at the same time a little sad to leave us again, especially Owen, since we'll be only going back in 2 years time and since we've just been home this year.

As for me, I'm a little sad and happy to see her go. Sad because I'll be a little be more lonely with no one to talk adult with except baby talk and to share some of my deepest thoughts with. There are still somethings we don't share with our husbands like we share with our mums. Happy because I know that its really boring for her here; no common kaki to chat and to go out with, no Chinese TV drama to watch and basically just nothing much to do! And I know that she misses my dad, although she doesn't show it. At least at home I know that my dad and sister is her personal taxi, she has a garden to tend to, a dog to walk with, neighbours and friends to chat to, go for morning walks or breakfasts with etc. Suddenly it dawned upon me that my life here is so much quieter than the one she leads!

Three generations....

Dad and sis kept on asking me if I'm going to be fine with the baby after mum leave. Well, I'm sure I'll be able to handle things as time goes by, just as did mum handle it when she had me and sis. I think I'm better off now compare to the time mum did when she had to take care of me, my sick grandmother, dad and the rest of the family (grandpa, dad's younger brother and sister and not to mention my adopted elder sister). When I think of it, I can not imagine how she's able to carry out daily tasks and still had to listen to complaints from my uncle and aunt?!? All i can say is, if she's able to do it, why not me? The only person that's going to complaint about things not going as smooth as before is only hubs. So I consider myself lucky.

They say one could see how much of their mother they resemble than they think they are. When I see my hands, I see my mothers'. Except with less wrinkles! hehehee... The saying; You are your mothers' daughter, rings true in every women. In fact I sometimes catch myself behaving, thinking or even talking like mum, it scares me!

So here I'd like to say; Thanks mum for being there for me, for reminding me about things that I should care more about, for being a great b&#%hing/shopping/cooking/TV drama watching partner, for being the person you are and for loving a pain in the neck daughter like me!

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~ mrs lam ~ said...

our mum is always the best!