Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How can anyone do this?

Just today I received an e-mail from a friend with a video attachment. This video attachment is horrible! It shows a girl student, whom I think is about 13 or 14 years old, doing something that a child of her age is not supposed to do with a teacher in a school toilet! This video I think was taken by someone, a teacher seemingly, who seemed to know what and where they are doing it. Finally when they were caught, the girl seemed to be bleeding was comforted by a female teacher, while the male teacher walk as if nothing is wrong! There's however a male voice on the background (male speaking in fluent Malay, apparently A TEACHER who was filming this video!) scolding the girl ;"Nak bogel? Bogel sekarang! Tak nak cikgu... Apa tak nak cikgu? Dah buat tapi tak nak pulak! (appearently the girl doesn't want to be filmed) Banyak cakap buat apa? Nak cakap depan kamera-lah!" I mean what is wrong in this description?

A paedophile pornography video is spreading on the Internet via e-mails and the person (a women at that!) who sent this file (where the file was originated from) has the cheek to say "Berhati-hati.. Bebudak sekarang lagi expert dari kiter dedulu..."! Again, what's wrong with this description?

My questions are these;

  1. Why go to the trouble to upload this video online (video was taken from a mobile phone, judging from poor image quality) and spread it through e-mail in the 1st place? What does this person gain from it?

  2. Why is there a women involved in sending the original e-mail? I've always thought that a women's role in society is to protect and guide children most of all. Has the role changed ithis decade? What if this happens to their very own children?

  3. Why was a teacher filming this and doing this despicable act in the 1st place? Children in school are suppose to be safe. Teacher's at school ARE SUPPOSE TO KEEP THEM SAFE rather than do harm to them.

  4. Why was the girl blamed? Seriously, when we were 13 or 14 we didn't know any better. I don't think the girl know any better either. She's just A CHILD, for goodness! Did the teacher try to find out first why she did it before being scolded? May be she was "forced" to do because if she doesn't the teacher will do something else to her?

As a parent, I'm utterly shocked to see such thing happening in our schools. As an adult, I also shocked to find out that a friend sent it to me (for what ever reason, I fail to know as I don't enjoy receiving such e-mails) and are forwarding it far and wide! Hence I returned the e-mail to the original sender and to the friend.

Paedophile is a serious case here in Europe and I bet its the same in places like Cambodia, Vietnam etc. But what are we doing to protect our children in Malaysia? We spread e-mails like this! How un-moral could this get, when we Malaysians pride ourselves to be morally educated!?! The irony is this could be happening to your child or someone you know. So please if you EVER get such e-mails, return it to the original sender and ask them what if it happens to their own child. Would they want videos of their child to be spread far and wide as well? Think not.


Emily said...

Good for you! Shanny. This happened to me once before. A friend from another yahoo group forwarded pictures taken by a friend who was playing with his digital camera when his sexy neighbour flashed her bare chest at him. That moment was between him and her but he choose to put the pictures on his website and hence the pictures were circulated all around (including me). I sounded out to the sender citing that it is illegal to forward such pictures. Receiving and looking is free of guilt but not when you are forwarding them.

I feel the same way about the state of schools these days, maybe we should all return to plain old BOYS ONLY and GIRLS ONLY schools with same sex staffers!

JiNG said...

haih... its not that our school is sick.. its human being are damnly sick nowaday... daughter kills father lar... mother kills daughter lar.. bom sini sana lar... So... What can we do?? We should try to make a difference.. not big one, but start with ppl around us.. haha.. Tats good post of u.. Thanks a lot.. haha