Sunday, March 09, 2008

Malaysia has decided

Its truly un believeable! BN (Barisan National) lost Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Perak. Mind you these states were once strong BN supporters. So what HAPPENED?

I tell you what I know so far. BN brought this upon themselves. The promises BN made on 2004 were so-called "achieved" and was said to be done beyond those promises. But how does the layman know? There's no one watching or even monitor the said "progress" by so-called NGOs. NGOs in M'sia I've always believed that it has the backing of the government. If not they would not have "lesen" to even form or operate as a group!! Call me paranoid or a baseless blogger, but there's no such thing as black and white in politics. There's always the "GREY" area, where politicians build their so-called cronies and get support for their causes or "other agenda".

As a Malaysian living abroad. I think many would agree with me that looking (reading or hearing) at current events of our home country from the outside gives us an advantage on perspective. We look at (and experienced) at the ways of local government and its economic situation of our host country, some may agree with me on this but some may not, and we do compare it (conscientiously or not) with those of our home country.

Its not that we love our home country less but its that we love our home country more that we compare and simply want the best for our fellow/future Malaysians at home and abroad. Its like parents wanting what is best for their children. As there's no such thing as "the best" government in any countries. Voting IS actually a way to choose and the only outlet that we, its citizens, to voice out what we want for our nation.

On why BN loose these states; well simply put it this way. Noticing that these states aren't actually "moving"forward or even going any where with BN - rural folks wishes not met, the "play" on race/religious issues (sensitive matter), the security issues (crime, immigration etc) and economic matter has got from bad to worst. Its no wonder the rakyat wants the winds of change after having BN "rule" the country for more than 3 decade (the Opposition won in 1969 - and we know how the rest of the story goes!).

I think this generation of Malaysians are mature enough and fearless to make such decision. Fear is the mother of all evil. That is what created riots in 1969. Let me just say this, although we may not know what the future may hold but we are fearless enough to venture into the unknown. Malaysia has its faults, she makes mistakes and hopefully learn from each mistakes. She is also a young nation, dynamic and eagar to learn from the rest of the world. We can not let race and religion blind us from what we set ourselves to achieve. We must see to it that we not take for granted that tax payers money is easy money to fulfil our wants but needs of our rakyat regardless of background/colour/believes. We must see to it that we teach our children that Malaysia belongs to them and that they are Malaysians (full stop), not just Chinese/Indian/Punjabi dan lain-lain Malaysian. This my dream for my home country - Malaysia and I am a Malaysian.


Pak Idrus said...

shannyK-L, In this election, the people of Malaysia won. So let us move forward and together made this country a better place to live and enjoy life. Have a nice day.

Emily said...

Yes, unbelievable but true! It really happened. Now... lets see the results....