Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Storing and organizing... What joy! :p

My hap hazard flosses for now...

Looking at my ever growing floss, sewing threads, ribbons, buttons, fabrics collection; its really high time I buckle up! My ribbons and buttons collection so far has not reach its "critical" limit as yet, its all wound up and placed in zip lock bags in my sewing/stash cabinet. As for fabrics, it really has come to a stage where the initial cotton covered carton box is over flowing. Time to get a new box? hehehehe.... And oh! Most of newly acquired fabrics will be wash as soon as it crosses the door. That way I don't worry about if I've wash them or not. For the moment, they reside in zip lock bags. Depending on cut size, they'll either be in the lowest drawer of the cabinet OR the box.

The big ones in the box. About the yarn, I tried to crochet!

My sewing/stash cabinet from Ikea.

The small pieces of fabrics, mainly FQs together with my felts and XS fabrics.

For flosses I initially organize them by colours but now I totally give up on this idea as I don't find that its working for me... :( So yesterday I spent half a day labelling and reorganizing my flosses into zip lock bags by number. Mind you, I don't like to do it all over again, so I'm thinking its best to do it now and add additional bags as I go. There's still 200 over colours not in there! What joy in future "stashing expedition"!
I think its easier to find the colour I want by number. I think later I'd have to go look for a big piece of cardboard. I want to make dividers that will fit my current plastic drawers on wheels. I think it shouldn't be hard to make. Here's the link if anyone is interested. Now the only problem would be; to keep Owen AWAY from my floss on wheels!
P/S: Here's another link to storage system ideas for your crafts & studio!


Daddy Forever said...

Maybe it's me, but it seems like no matter how much time I spend organizing things, I still end up with a mess.

ShannyK-L said...

Hey there! Well honestly, its not only you! LOL! Happens when you have kids! My husband has been complainning about why I can't be bothered to organize. My answer: He'll mess it up once more... :p

Janet C said...

Great job, Shanny! At least now you know where your stash are! Mine is in a BIG mess and sometime I can't find the one I want to use. *sigh*

ShannyK-L said...

Thanks! hehehehe.... did it ever occur to you that you'll end up buying extra stuff just coz you can't find it? that is what happend to me MANY times! LOL! Its one my of new year resolutions for this year.... There's still time to organize - till 31/12/2009 that is!