Monday, April 13, 2009

There are no words

to describe what I'm feeling now, AFTER watching a horrific video on Stomp. In this video, it shows a domestic maid abusing a child, probably about 3 or 4 years of age at that time, by stepping on to of and kicking her!?!?

I'm just lost for words when I saw it. As a human being, I can't understand what has gone into the head of that woman. I mean; how could a fully grown adult step on and kick a poor defenceless little girl? OK fine, she might have gotten angry that the little girl didn't listen to what she said but then again, kicking and stepping on her? COME ON!

These abusive actions brings me ask these questions:
  • Are we Asians so dependent on maids on our daily lives that we forsake the safety of our children in quest of fortune and fame for ourselves? *this video was shot in Singapore.

  • Why are we employing unqualified domestic helpers? Unqualified as in having no basic knowledge in cooking, cleaning and or taking care of young children. Is it because we're afraid that it'll costs us more these helpers with basic knowledge? But then again, I think it'll costs us even dearly when we got to find out what the final results might be.

I think being as domestic helper is a hard job as it is stressful. Its even more difficult when its a live in helper who is a foreigner that does not know how his/her employer will treat them.

To me each occupation has its hazards, no matter how menial it may seem. You may think that a domestic helpers' job is easy but have you ever thought off the stress a person is going through when he/she doesn't know what they are doing and is trying to actually please their pay master with their limited knowledge?

I'm not trying to defend the maid caught abusing the little girl in the video. By all means, what she does is wrong and has to be punished, as we all reap what we sow! We all heard stories about how employers abuses live in domestic helper and horror stories about how domestic helpers lie, cheat, steal from us and abuse our loved ones under their care. But still we have to step back and think on a better solution so that these incidents will stop.

I may not know what IS the best way but at the very least, equipping them with basic knowledge of cooking, cleaning, taking care of children and dealing with difficult situations; either from employers and or children, can be one way. Another way would be dialogue through an intermediary between employee and employer. I believe that there's no bad solution, there's always a better one.

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