Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seems like

life just whizzes by and I for the moment just have some time to sit down and "reflect", or rather blog about it! LOL! So let's see what we've been up to in April....

My Big Shot and friends...
Got to play with my Big Shot machine, bought in January!! Yes it takes me that long (not to mention some motivation) to actually have time to sit and play with it. Found out that Sizzix dies are bloody expensive! :p Will have to look for alternative. The machine came with 1 flower die, 1 heart shape die and 2 envelope style flowers and wines embossing dies. However, it did not cut my felt like it suppose to. Its either did I not pass it through enough OR the felt was to a little bit thick?

Lovely stuff from Anna of NNC! Thanks girl!! hugzz

Received my really lovely bookmarks from Anna of my Needles n' Craft group. It was supposed to be a surprise exchange partners. Anna made me a beautiful crocheted flower bookmark and the other was an embellished felt - also really pretty! One who reads can NEVER have enough bookmarks.

Made little colouring book as loot bag filler for Owen's birthday. Found a tutorial here but had to tweak it a little bit since I don't have fabric sticky tape. Made paper loot bags as well. Just can't stand plastic.They look cheap most of the time. Photos soon.

Got gastroenteritis from Owen, who caught it from play-school a week before. Can say that the whole family caught it within a few days. Thank goodness what Kevin got was not as bad as I thought it would be. Poor baby lost weight also but good thing he got over it in 2 days. Lost 3kgs due to a forced diet of weak slightly sweet tea, water, plain rice porridge and bananas! LOL... It is NOT a healthy way to loose those left over baby bumps. Although I'd try to keep my current weight now.
From my kitchen: a blueberry blue velvet cake. I actually tried making blue velvet cake in March but it turned out GREEN!! LOL!! This time I made sure that I have gel/paste food colouring before I venture into making coloured edible goodies. BTW, the cake was so GOOD! :D I actually got this recipe from here but inspiration was from here. Would you believe it when I totally FORGot about mixing in the blueberries into the cake batter? Lesson learnt: never bake/cook when distracted with cries of the little monsters. I just loovvveeeee foodie eye candy. Some people can very creative with camera and food unlike me! I got frosting almost all over the cake caddy, thus the close up. LOL!

Fresh blueberries and it was on SALE! :)

That's about it for the month of April. At the moment I'm trying to think of how I'm going to make a mug rug for a friend. Photos soon since it'll be a surprise gift. I've also made a pinata for the party. A Piston Cup pinata. Albeit a "wonky"/wacky one but Owen seems to like it very much. It took me a week to finish it and in four parts. Now all we have to do is to fill it with goodies when we get back from our trip! :D

I still can not believe that its only a week and 4 more days to go before the boys and I take our month long trip home! Just feels like it has been ages since I last saw my family and friends back home. 

Will be busy preparing the trip back though. Got some Swiss dark chocolates for family (spent about CHF80.- only on chocolates!), new sandals and swim pants for Owen, a pair of new bermudas and sandals for me (grew a size after Kevin. ARRGGHHHH!!) and a pair of sleeveless bodysuits. I just LOVE how babies look in their summer bodysuits. I'm still not sure if hubby will want to get a new suitcase though. The one that he'll be carrying are rather heavy even when its empty. I think it'll be a good idea to invest in a good quality light weighted ones. 

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