Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Life happens!

Half circle wrist pouch as year end teachers' gifts, 2013
Its been a while since the last time I'm posting any thing new. The last one was in  June 2013! Gosh! Oh well I am not going to beat myself up for it. As with anything and everyone, life happens and I am not going to spent it regretting not having written about it. 
Sitting pretty pincushion 2013
More fun felt hair clips for a return customer , 2014
So here's the round up what has come to past. From end of summer of 2013, we saw our older boy gone on to year 3 (equivalent of primary 1 M'sian school system). We were all super excited about it. But in the end it was a pretty tough times for him and us as parents. For 2 years we were struggling together with O facing his class teacher (that women clearly needs help!) and other issues, namely behavioural and hand writing. We were at wits end and it was already too late to change class. This issue was also affecting my relationship with the kids and hubs. However I was glad that we seek help from the school appointed "psychomotricienne" or psycho motor therapist for his fine motor skills. At one point we were sort of being "forced" (by the class teacher) to seek help from the schools' child psychiatrist! In the end of his sessions, the school psychiatrist told us O was well adjusted kid, and she finds that he may even be on the high side of average child with same age on intelligence! Clearly the previous class teacher needs to see a shrink more than O. Grrr....  

Was a pain making these for CNY in 2014 but the final results was oh so delicious! LOL...

Celebrating CNY and a birthday goodies box 2015. 

I was glad that I am surrounded by supportive mummy friends. If not for them, I don't think I am able to stay sane for long in dealing with that lady. ;) Although we applaud her for her teaching methods, (O was reading books by the time he finishes the 3rd year!!) but we do not appreciate her for her forms of punishment. Things are more smooth sailing now for O. Thank goodness! The boy has more confidence, behaves better and are more joyful since starting the new school term with a new teacher. 

Quilted storage fabric boxes 2014.
As for our youngest guy, 2013 see him wanting to join into everything big brother is doing. Thus causing more frequent disputes between them. End of summer 2014, K went to 1st year in school. He was super happy to be FINALLY growing up! LOL... School hours was a bit tough on him during the first 3 months as he was pretty much too tired for school after lunch. Several times he fell asleep during story time or class activity as he still needed his afternoon nap. This time around, for 2nd year, the fellow is faring much better. :) Although I can not say the same for his mischiefs and his idea of fun at times, at the very least I can say he is still learning how to be a better little brother by not hitting big brother when they disagree. ;) 

Finished 2014 Christmas presents for friends :)
AAAARRRRR!!!! K's Pirate Quilt.
As for me, craft wise.... Managed to plan and finish a 140cm x 200cm Pirate theme quilt for K. This was done after having been pestered by the little guy every day when he is able to use it, while the process was still on going. LOL... Most of the quilt materials was gifted to me by wonderful stitching friend across the Atlantic. All I had to do was just get some extras and finish it. The process was long, frustrating at times due to having some issues with calculations/cutting of fabric and of course my share of frogging the pieces of appliqué at one point. In the end I was really happy with the result. 
One of my first wearable project 2013. Pillowcase dress for a friends' daughter.

My next quilt project is going to be for O. I already have almost all materials, just so far not the courage to start it. :p I also actually started a quilt along with a group of friends at NNC, the Postage Stamp quilt. It got to a stage where its in blocks But I have no idea on how to actually arrange it to my liking. So that is now an UFO until I get inspired on how to arrange the blocks and do the finishing for it. 
First time making kimchi too 2013 fall stock! :)
2015 Waist apron project. Photo courtesy of happy customer. :)

So for now it will be just going back to my cross stitch. How I missed it. Am almost done for the piece on my sewing machine cover. It will be a surprise and I am really excited to get to the cutting and sewing part. Not so much for figuring out how much fabric part. LOL...

So here's hoping that I will continue to blog as and when I can in 2016, making wonderful memories and beautiful items for people to enjoy. :) 

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