Monday, December 28, 2015

And the countdown begins!

Full moon snow shoeing with girlfriends. :)
Yup! Its almost THAT time of the year where its almost ending but not quite. For some, its the time of the year to reflect on what we had achieved or not. Facebook even has this "year in review" thing, in which photos posted with the most comments or likes get picked up. 
Solar eclipse from tissue box viewer. :p
I've seen my "year in review". Its so strange to see them all happened in 2015! ;) Since I can only choose 10 photos out of the many (MANY) photos I've posted, it was really difficult for me to pick and choose. Because all these photos and memories are very significant for me. So asking me to just pick the 10 is out of the question. :) 
Strawberry picking season June 2015
So what can I say about this year? I know I had tremendous fun time with my 2 little guys and hubby. Made lots of yummy meals in that cramp work space in my kitchen. Had the experience of the lifetime; snow shoeing at night during the full moon of CNY period. Also how NOT to get myself killed while snow shoeing! LOL... Saw the Solar 2015 eclipse with home made viewer.  
Lo mai kai fan comfort food....

Spent the late spring time picnicking/barbecuing and swimming in the lake with friends. Went home during the summer time, in which we had a wonderful time spent with family and friends; swimming with the fishes, playing by the sea, enjoying yummylicious food and most of all connecting with people.
Tioman Island summer of 2015

All in all a rather positive year for me. Oh sure there are sad and negative moments as well, but seriously? I just don't see the point on dwelling on them. There are also some things I did not get around doing it also this year. There's always next year and I am not going to feel sorry for postponing it. 
Knights fabric wallet for O.
In that note, I am going to make myself 2 list; one with datelines and one without datelines, for the things I'd like to get done for 2016. I can't help but wonder this time around next year, how much I would have accomplished. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. :) 

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