Thursday, January 14, 2016

In the works

Happy January 2016! My first post for the year, albeit a little late but better than never. :) So for this first blog post of the year, I've decided to continue to my cross stitch piece. I started this mid December 2015. Got this idea of actually making a fabric cover for my sewing machine. I figured that having just a plain cover can be easy and fast to make, but have I ever taken the easy route to making anything? So far NO! LOL.... 

Drafted the chart pattern after having browse through the WWW for the right image (copy right free) and letters for several hours when the kids were in school. Best time to do get things done during the day time. ;) I am not at liberty to reveal the whole piece yet. So for now its just a really small part I am willing to show. 
Using the lovely DMC Colour Variations# 4025.  

As of right now I've drafted the pattern out for the cover but I have yet to cut anything out until I am 100% sure I've got the calculations correct. Novelty print fabrics are hard to find here in the Land of Moos, not to mention mighty expensive! Reasons why I "import" them via online shops, when I am back at my parents' place or other relatives'.

Speaking of which, I'm on a forced stash diet for the moment until I can sort of "thin it out". :p Its horrible but its a necessary evil. Let's see how long I can stand it this year. Can not promise that I might not break the diet.

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looking forward to seeing the end result