Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Silky (sort of) beancurd desert: Tau fu fah

Honey its cold outside.....
 This is one sweet desert I have been trying to make since last year. I can never find the main coagulant ingredient here. But ever since I got GDL from home, well more like importing it in, I was itching to try it out. As usual life happens and I never could find the time to make my own soy milk until last Sunday, when its starting to snow and it was near freezing. To top it off, I was craving for this desert! :) 

Bacon wrapped scramble eggs topped with chives & *sheet of brick

I found several TFF recipe but they are always in Chinese or using gypsum powder (the food grade one mind you, not plaster of paris). And as most of them are imported from China, I get very vary of Mainland products ever since the milk powder scandal. I finally found this blog by WendyinKK @Table for 2 or More. I was over the moon when mine FINALLY SET after anxiously waiting for it. OK, not that anxious-lah! We went out for a walk (a long walk) once it kinda stop snowing outside for a while. 
First edible TFF! :D 

I've made my own soy milk for many times using my soy milk maker. But this time I decided to forgo using the maker as its rather troublesome. It can only load about 50g of soaked soy beans at a time. As I am a major pain in the a** about cleaning my electrical appliances, I need to clean it out. Blame it on my OCD. :p 

I like it with palm and ginger syrup. Yummy! 
I have to admit, my TFF was not as smooth looking as hers is. Perhaps I did not grind the beans as it should. I was using my Moulinex blender and cloth strainer to get the job done. I will try again next time, perhaps using coffee filter and when I find the motivation to skin all those soaked beans. :p I find that removing the outer shell of the beans makes soy milk tastes better. 

*Sheet of brick is feuille de brick in French. It is similar to popiah skin BUT its not the same. They are slightly thicker in texture. It will get crunchy in the oven minus the use of oil. BUT they will burn easily if oven temperature is too high or you leave them in for too long. They come in each sheet separated by some sort of waxed paper. Which makes my life easier when it comes down to peeling off each sheet without holes or tears compare to popiah skin! :) 

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