Monday, February 08, 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!

Today is the first day of the year of the Monkey. How quick time passes us by. It seems like only weeks before we were celebrating the year of the Goat and also hub's 40th birthday on the same date in 2015! :) 

I am glad to be able to still celebrate Chinese New Year with my own little family, despite the fact that other family members are far away from where we are living now. The world has gotten a little smaller with the advance technology which enables us to connect with our loved ones via Internet phone or video phone. I still remember when I actually had to buy calling cards to call home! It was rather expensive then and being a student, I had to really tighten my phone card purchases. :) 
Bak kwa or bbq dried pork

This year I wanted to try make bak kwa or bbq dried pork. I've seen bak kwa tutorials YouTube videos and also read some cooking blogs on this but never had the guts to make them . :) So this time I saw a friend on FB posted a good recipe for this and she actually tried it, I decided to make it. I mean why not, since we can't get those here. Even if we can, with the current uncertainty of food safety issues, I can never be sure how fresh or good the raw meat is. At least if I can make it at home with easily sourced items, why not? Here is the recipe I used. There is even a video tutorial with written recipe in English and Mandarin.  

For this year's celebration, I made pineapple tart, peanut cookies and almond cookies. The last two cookies are pretty easy to make. I found this really good recipe from Bread et Butter: Peanut cookies and almond cookies with a crunch. As my family love them, so I stick with it. As for the pineapple tart, I got the recipe from Table for 2 or More. She has tried and tested so many good recipes for her family. I am happy just to browse and look through all her cooking adventures. Give me idea as to the million dollar question SAHMs or SAHDs asks all the time: What to cook for lunch or dinner?!? hehehe... 

So here is wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May you and yours be blessed with good health, joy, wealth and all wishes come true!! GONG XI GONG XI! 

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