Saturday, April 30, 2016

Street Food Festival - Lausanne

After all the hype of our local supermarket group COOP about this Street Food festival for several weeks, we decide to check it out today. This festival started last night and its in Lausanne Beaulieu; the only expo hall or area big enough in the big town area to hold any events. 
Air Stream Corn Dog! :) 
This if I am not mistaken is the 2nd edition since the 1st time they kicked off this event in 2015. Plus it was in 2015 that it finally came to Lausanne after having successful event in the German speaking part of Switzerland. 
The boys' very first taste... 
We missed the one last year and decide that this time, we didn't want to miss it again come rain or sun shine. It was POURING; OK not as bad but still it was raining and it was cold. We reached main event area at 5:30pm. It was not surprising for us that there were not many people as one: it was obviously early  for dinner and two: there was the uncooperative weather to boot. 
The yellow school bus NYC style hot dog. PS: that hot dog thingy on top of the bus is just WEIRD... :p
We took a walk about to check out the food stand or trucks. There were many choices and at least 2 handful representing traditional food from countries like Vietnam, Japan, Peru, Mexican, Brazil, Argentina to name a few. I was a little disappointed to read some menus in written German. Although I understand that some of them come all the way from German part, they do make an extra effort to speak French and English. Very much appreciated gesture. 

After walking around, we saw a CORN DOG food truck. Now this food truck is so VERY RETRO! Its an Air Stream mobile home converted into a food truck. That is pure advertising for sure and the fellow was super nice. The boys had their very first corn dog today! :) 
Happy boys with their curry wurst. 
Then we ate some quesadillas, hot dogs, freshly made potato crips and hamburgers. We wanted, well I wanted to get other food (Peruvian and may be that skewer of meat with veggies) but was a little but stuffed after the churros.... LOL... Food was really good. There were stands for flamen kuchen tart (GOSH!!), a smoothie WV mobile (also very cool), Satay and a very cool Yellow School Bus selling NYC style hot dog! I should NOT have had that bowl of curry laksa for lunch! aggrrrhhh... 
Cider sample. Very nice and fruity taste but was slightly strong for hubs the designated driver! 
As far s prices goes, its pretty much event prices one can expect. Well they have to charge such prices due to the fact that vendors had to fork out quite a bit of money for the entire weekend. All in all a very good event to go to for next time. My complaint was the cold & rainy weather AND that there were too many stands selling sausages and hamburgers! hahaha... I really wonder if event organisers ever step into  Asian night market selling street food? They will have to take several note book and a good camera along for the experience! ;) 
I am also looking foward to go to another food event in May: the Lausanne Food Truck Festival on 15 & 16 of May. It will be public holiday, PentecĂ´te long weekend in Switzerland. Place will be Places de la Riponne and de la Palud. 

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