Saturday, August 27, 2016

New Clothing

So to show "love" towards it, what more to make new clothing or cover to protect it? 
I just LOVE my Kindle. I received this lovely e-reader from hubs as a Christmas gift. Looking at the WWW, there are so many tutorials and ideas for Kindle, Kobo etc e-reader cover. One of the first cover I made was the one with a zipper closure. That tutorial was very clear but some how it did not turn out as great. I was having plenty of zipper issues and did not zip up!! To top that, it has a wavy look on the finished product. I just gave up on that tutorial and after frogging/sewing twice. I had to use the ugly thing of course. Why not if its just for temporary reasons until I find another tutorial.

One of the first cover I made

Notice the zipper and the wonky finishing? Yeahh....
And so after a year of using that cover, I chanced upon another one. This time it is using elastics to keep it together and with a pocket. I though YAY! Finally something that is not too difficult to follow and try to make it. BIG MISTAKE! 

While the tutorial did not mention which fabric to use, I went ahead using my scrap upholstery weight fabric from where else? IKEA. LOVE that place! Now she did mention using interfacing for all fabric pieces, I only use for the pocket piece which is also holding the Kindle on the front. That plus interfacing the one side of the cover. Keep in mind that I'm using upholstery weight fabric, which is a little heavier than quilting cotton. 

Just no words for this.... SIGH.... 
I did not think much of it and just starting to sew and finishing it. As I was about to turn it right side out, the corners just will not turn out! Imagine sweating it out with a small Kindle cover, trying out get the them right side out. Seems really funny to me now but it was really annoying then. I did reduce the bulk, by snipping the corners and overhanging edge as mentioned in the tutorial. Little did I think it had to do with the fabric weight and amount of interfacing being used. 

A snug pocket to hold it in. 
So angry to have to frog. I did it just for the batting. Hey! Those stuff can get expensive where we're living now. I ended up making another one following the measurements BUT this time using half upholstery, half quilting cotton AND only 1 piece of interfacing to stiffen the pocket/Kindle holder piece. After finishing the main parts sewing, this time I'm able turn it right ride out. Oouufffff....I had to iron it like a mad women after just to get it FLAT!

The gap! YIKES! 
As I fit my Kindle into it, it still does not seem right. It is a little large at the corners! AARRGGHHH.... Only then did it occurred to me that the lady did not include measurements of her Kindle just so that later versions or other styles of Kindle are able to fit in it. 

Will I make another finally FIT my Kindle? I hope so. I'm not too keen on the corner of tutorial 2 and the overall bulk. I really like the pocket idea. Tutorial 1 is just a disaster in the finishing but the holder is just super fit. Perhaps I can come up with one that is both easy and practical to make. For now I'm just going to use the one I just made. 

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