Monday, July 17, 2017

Gifts for teachers

This is a back dated post June. Things just popped up as usual.

Bags that I made. Very proud of them. :) 
On the last day of school for my boys, it is normal for kids to offer some sort of gifts for their class teacher. So this year like the years before, is not different. Since both boys has 5 educators (2 for elder & 3 for younger) I had been scouting around the net for something that can be mix and match easily but remains functional/practical, can be made in production line method. I like making things that is useful, not just decorative ie dust collecting. Production line method is useful when we don't have that much of time for truly personalising every single item. A plus also since we can break up each step so it won't seem overwhelming.

We, me basically, decided on making tote bags for the teachers. I had to make them (my boys) choose the main fabric as they were dragging their feet about it. After going through my box (or boxes) of fabric stash, their choice was rather interesting. Oldest chose the African print for his teacher. Youngest chose a jumbled up IKEA silly print and the IKEA flower print for his. As I know what a pain it is to be always looking for my keys in tote bags, as most do not come with a swivel hook, I attached the hook for the sole purpose of hooking keys so they aren't "lost" at the bottom part of the bag.

Oh! Did I mentioned that a friend ordered several for her kids teachers as well? I was really over the moon! Didn't expect to actually sell them. :) You know who you are! Thank you so much for your purchase!  

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