Monday, July 17, 2017

Another year, other projects and some thoughts...

WOW! It has been a nearly a year since I've posted anything here.... Mostly it is because I don't really feel like blogging or have anything to say until now. So to round up past projects, here's some photos of them.
A sewing machine cover. 
 A pain to get it right. After several measurements and cutting and sewing managed to actually get it to fit snugly! The Keep Calm and Sew On is done in cross stitch on evenweave and in the shade of one of my favourite blue. I got the background fabric from one of my trips home. Found the denim print patchwork interesting.

My mug rug exchange 2017 to Vivian of my crafting group, NNC

The backside of the coffee sack.
Mug rug exchange of which I participated in my crafting group Needles N Craft. This year I am to gift it to Vivian who lives in Malaysia. I was really excited when I found out that I have to make something for coffee lover. The coffee sack is filled with instant coffee mix. The pattern is taken from a book I got many moons ago; Point de Croix - Péché de Gourmandise by Martine Rigeade. I can not remember where I got it from and for what reason. But this time it has serve me well. :) The Star mug rug is a pattern I got online from Dawn Chorus Studio download able tutorial. The star is made via English paper piecing method. Something I've never done before and thought I give it a go. Turned out not to shabby! hehehe... I found that the mug rug finished dimension to be a little small, so I enlarge it a little to fit a mug of coffee and maybe a cookie or two (or a KitKat?) for that break. :) 

2017 school year end teachers' gifts. 

These are "Petal" pouches for the boys' teachers as a customary school year end gifts from us. As you would notice there's some interesting choice of denim fabric I got for the exterior. It is actually fabric which came from our worn and outgrown (who would have thought after 10 years and 2 babies I have to "outgrow" my jeans?! LOL) Since the pant legs are rarely worn out, I cut them out for reuse. Want not, Waste not right? Mind you, they do not make denim like they used to nowadays. Modern denims are rather stretchy than say 10-15 years ago. I used "invisible" zipper for them. When I bought those zippers, I had NO CLUE that what I got was invisible zippers as opposed to normal ones. Talk about being a blur shopper and on DUH mode... This "Petal" pouch pattern can be purchased from Noodle Head at USD6.- The link to her shop is at the bottom of her posting. She provides 2 size of the pouch pattern; Large and Small. I made the large one and manged to fit in a sticker pack, a bottle of hand cream and some sweets.

Upcoming projects? Or rather on again off again project? That would be for my oldest boy, a scrappy jeans quilt, which has been going on since December of 2016. Denim fabrics from our worn jeans! hahaha... Photos as soon as I can when at least half of those 48 blocks are done! hahaha... Although I am planning on something for a friend's wedding in September. I just hope I can get my supplies and redo the pattern soon.

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