Monday, August 11, 2008


Hahahahahaha..... I guess you might be wondering if I spelt it wrongly.... But the truth is, I did not. I'm trying to potty train the little man in the house. Well, trying really hard.

I know, I know it takes lots of patience, silent cleaning up, creative ways to make it happen etc etc. Hubs isn't any help either. He'll go like; Errmmmm... I think he just poop! ARRGGHHHH!! Why can't men take proactive approach like keeping his mouth shut and change the poopy diapers for once when we're busy doing other chores?!? I seriously don't think poopy diapers are out there to get fathers who changes them.

I asked my 1st SIL about potty training her boys. She was like; But its too early to be training him now. Hm.... And so does the other advices online say; Its too early to potty train under 20 month old baby unless they show signs of readiness. So should I follow what they say? Or should I go ahead to get him to make "acquaintances" with Mr Potty while slowly getting him to make ngee ngee and shee shee in it? For the moment it seems like he's toying with the sitting on Mr Potty with his diapers on and knows where shee shee comes from (trust me, boys have a weird way of knowing!). So is this the sign that I should be looking for? Man! Am I confused!

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